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I, Frankenstein review

I, Frankenstein is a fantasy action film directed by Stuart Beattie, chronicling the adventures of frankensteins’ monster (not actually Frankenstein) in the modern day, he’s somehow alive and going about his way, he gets caught up in an ancient war between Gargoyles and demons and is forced to choose a side. Frankensteins’ monster (Aaron Eckhart) is also great at fighting for some reason, the film stars Aaaron Eckhart, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Bil Nighy, Jai Courtney and Socratis Otto.

And while the film has an interesting premise going, it falls short but quite a bit in its’ execution, visually the film looks great, the fight scenes are choreographed quite well and the depiction of deaths in this world was interesting, i.e. Gargoyles dying and their souls literally going up to heaven. While the film tries to go in interesting direction, giving a different twist on Frankensteins’ monster and putting him in a modern setting for a change, the film feels a tad directionless with things just happening and Frankensteins’ monster just being the middle, also the Gargoyle and Demon war is just another thing that’s happening with no real explanation or backstory to it.

The film has a somewhat interesting roster of characters but ultimately they’re one dimensional cardboard cutouts and clearly in the plot to serve as points of exposition or to be that one lackey character, or angry warlord and so on, either that or the more interesting characters were left with barely anything to do like Terra (Yvonne Strahovski). And despite the rather disappointing story, Aaron Eckhart (Adam) still puts in a good shift and is good in his role, even though action isn’t his natural forté, while Bill Nighy cuts a hammy character as Demon leader Neberius.

Ultimately the film is pretty average and ends on a rushed, predictable note and the story stands as poor execution of a fairly interesting premise on a character not that well known these days.


. Decent visuals

. Rushed, lacklustre conclusion

. Wasted characters, one dimensional

Immortals review

Immortals is a fantasy adventure film directed by Tarsem Singh, following the story of Theseus in a fictional ancient Greece, a mortal who engages with mad King Hyperion, in the effort to stop his rampage and his plans to gain a weapon of immense power, the film stars Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, Freida Pinto, Luke Evans, Isabel Lucas, Kellan Lutz.

The story of Immortals is an interesting mish mash of some ancient Greek mythology from the story of Theseus and the minotaur, to him fighting against a God in mythology – Hyperion (Mickey Rourke), other Gods in the film are also included, Zeus (Luke Evans), Ares (Daniel Sharman), Athena (Isabel Lucas), Poseidon (Kellan Lutz), Hellios (Peter Stebbings). Though for the most part they’re not hugely important to the story, their arc does affect the main plot here and there, they also work as a lot of the spectacle in the film, taking part in 3 of the best looking scenes in the film – with Poseidons, Zeus dealing out punishment and the climactic God – Titan fight.

A lot of the film has some pretty fantastic visuals though, with some cool use of slow-mo, very well choreographed fight scenes and some pretty epic set pieces, combined with an interesting visual tone for the film as well, looking more gritty and dark in general in comparison to other, bright and vivid looking films based on ancient Greek mythology – Clash/Wrath Of The Titans, Percy Jackson. This different look works for the film though, with a more earthy, gritty feel to everything, from the looks of the Gods themselves, who all look like warriors, clad in golden armour, to Hyperion (Mickey Rourke), there’s a very stylised, nuanced look to things and it works hand in hand with the alternative way the plot tells a few Greek myths and legends:Theseus and the Minotaur and the Epirus Bow for example.

Henry Cavill especially is great in the film that probably bought attention to him as a solo action star, he’s great in the action scenes, while he also brings a feeling of frustration but unwavering drive to complete his mission, he’s a character you want to succeed, meanwhile Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) cuts an imposing, dominating figure as the villain willing to challenge the Gods. And for these 2 good performances, you also have several one dimensional, cliché characters for this type of story, which don’t hugely take away from the film but don’t add anything to it either, writing interesting, new characters in a story based on greek mythology might be a challenge but it would be fun to see characters that aren’t purely evil or good for a change.

The stories’ plot is interesting enough with its’ use of the real world and the Gods in the story, who ultimately don’t play a huge role and are interesting characters by themselves, though the film presents a world in which some of humanity in part has given up on the Gods and wants to go it alone. Immortals isn’t a particularly deep story but it is entertaining and a great visual feast, it could have used some more three dimensional characters to compliment its’ main ones, the action/set pieces are the highlights and the nuanced storytelling of some ancient Greek myths makes for interesting viewing in what is otherwise a predictable, straightforward plot.


. Has some fantastic visuals, great action

. Plot is interesting, has some nuanced portrayal of Greek myths

. Some basic characterization

Black Panther teaser trailer reaction

So we have our first look at the upcoming Black Panther and boy does it look pretty good, not surprisingly, with the cast it has and with Ryan Coogler directing but even so,  it looks pretty impressive (as does every new Marvel film, they must have a stellar marketing/video team), we get a re-introduction to Ulysses Claw, now in custody after the events of Age of Ultron and Civil War, talking about Wakanda and its true nature.

Though he gets broken out by what are likely to be affiliates of his, we then see more of Wakanda and it seems like Panther’s a force for good in the country, taken on some mercenaries, what follows seems to be a bit of infighting and tribal politics as we see a challenger to T’Chala with Michael B Jordan who seems to be a villain, though probably not the main one as Ulysses is in the film. We see what looks like a ceremony for T’Chala, presumably as he ascends to the throne after his fathers passing. And yeah overall while we don’t see a tonne plot wise, this is a teaser of course, what’s shown is intriguing.

Showing Wakanda with its mix of high technology and tribal culture is really interesting to me and this really will feel like no other Marvel film to date, if Guardians was a bit of a left field choice for Marvel, Black Panther will be out of the field and it’s something the MCU needs in my opinion, people may well be getting tired of origin stories and the same old, so this film feeling something fresh and new is very welcome. It’s good that the teaser is out finally as I feel no one is really talking about the film, though a lot of people are probably really looking forward to it. It’s sort of been eclipsed by Thor: Ragnarok, Spiderman: Homecoming et al but I think Black Panther will hold its own, the teaser has got people hyped and talking and I can’t wait to see it.

I’m also curious to whether we’ll see Bucky in the film at any point either, following a particular post credit scene in Civil War, him making a cameo in the plot would be quite something.

Oz The Great And Powerful – review

Oz: The Great And Powerful is a fantasy adventure directed by Sam Raimi, serving as a prequel to the story of The Wizard Of Oz, showing how the wizard Oz came to be in the land of Oz and gained his title, the film stars James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff, Joey King.

Disney crafts a somewhat interesting prequel story to The Wizard Of Oz, showing us the personal story of Oz and how he became the famed wizard, James Franco is an interesting casting choice as Oz, a street magician and con man who winds up magically in Oz. While the supporting cast performs to mixed levels, Mila Kunis is alright as Theodora but a bit hammy in her role as the story progresses, while Rachel Weisz as Evanora cuts a more convincingly solid character. The film doesn’t have that many characters so it does heavily rely on Ozs’ personal journey, as he discovers Oz and the fantastical elements, creatures and features of the land and while the story does work, it also feels a bit soulless. Franco isn’t a bad actor at all but he’s a tad out of his depth in the role, he sells the sleazy con man side to the character well, but isn’t at all a convincing and iconic figure, though the way the film sells the way that he gains the mantle of Oz is somewhat well done. Though making an entire film out of the the answer to the question of the origin of Oz feels a bit unnecessary.

That being said, the film looks good enough visually and different parts of the land of Oz look interesting and vibrant but the film is also oddly tonally balanced, with things gradually getting darker as the story goes on, while characters like Finley (Zach Braff) the flying monkey who works for Oz keeps things light and humorous. There is some tension later on the film as we eventually see the Wicked witch of the west rise to power as well as some easter eggs and nods to The Wizard Of Oz but ironically this just serves to remind you of how good The Wizard of Oz is, this film just feels a bit odd tonally.

I suppose people didn’t really invest too much into the story because they felt it was too full of CGI and because they didn’t like the performances in the film and that is a fair assessment to a prequel that no one really wanted, it looks okay visually and seeing various parts of Oz was a nice touch but ultimately the story falls a bit flat and it’s way wide of the mark in relation to The Wizard Of Oz and it’s iconic status in film.


. Has some nice visuals

. Some of the acting falls a bit flat

. Story feels a bit predictable, dull