Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer reaction

Well, it’s happened… the Star Wars Episode 7 trailer (teaser really) is out and… it’s okay, not great, not awful but okay and that’s not a bad thing, we did cross off a thing or two from my trailer wishlist – some vehicles in the teaser, a character or two, which was well and good and we did see a direct antagonist in the film, the sith with the new lightsaber, which was cool.

But all in all it wasn’t a disappointment in any way, long time fans got old nods to the past Star Wars films, seeing the X-Wings, Millenium Falcon and it was interesting seeing what looked to be a new form of R2D2, or a new type of droid complete. As well as Daisy Ridley on the speeder and John Boyega in the stormtrooper outfit, appearing to be running from or to something and I’m guessing that he’s in disguise and not actually a villain in this, but we’ll see.

Interestingly, we saw none of the original Star Wars cast but I’m sure we’ll get some photos of them in character in the coming months and of course, we’ll see them when the full trailer eventually debuts but all in all. It was pretty damn good for a teaser if you ask me, we saw a fair amount, no actual action but some interesting things to go off and nerd over for a few weeks or months – until the next trailer or release of info about the film.

As far as teaser trailers go, nice job, JJ Abrams.. and Disney.


Gotham isn’t half as bad as people make it out to be

So it’s 2014 and there’s a Gotham TV show, alright we’ve made it people, comic book fans/lovers all around rejoice…. but wait, the show is divisive? It’s ratings are up and down? No Batman?! Okay the show was never about Batman but the city he eventually comes into to save, that premise sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

Well yes it does, the show on the other hand… I am a fan of, but I agree has had its’ ups and downs, as any ambitious show will do in the first season mind you, I’ll admit that I was sceptical about how the show would even work as a weekly thing with main characters including a pre-teen Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, no supervillains, plus Harvey Bullock and Gordon dealing with generic villains week by week, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

The over-arching and ongoing gang war in Gotham, plus the development of Arkham asylum the ongoing mystery over the Wayne murders and other insights into pre Batman Gotham have all been pretty interesting to watch, for me at least, though watching the obvious references to now somewhat normal characters future supervillain status does get a bit strained, it’s cool to just see these characters on the small screen and see how they function now.

I suppose a defence of the references could be to argue that said future supervillains must have had some sort of latent psycho-pathery in them, to become a dude that likes to plague his villains with riddles as he tortures them, or a guy with split personalities based on two sides of his face… ok as awesome as Batmans villain gallery is, some are slightly ridiculous and over the top. Which of course makes a great juxtaposition to Batmans’ level headed, calm and methodical approach, but enough about Batman, Gotham is doing a good enough job at balancing a procedural crime and cop drama with serialised elements so far, the acting has been solid throughout in my opinion, though Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney has hammed it up slightly earlier on, she’s back to being good now.

I’m genuinely interested in the show and it’s kept me watching so far with no intention of stopping, Sean Pertwee as a more outspoken, brash Alfred is a breath of fresh air and Robin Lord Taylor is killing it as an up and coming Penguin, so, so far so good as far I’m concerned, the show should just avoid rushing in all future Batman villains and keep the references on the low, we all know what they become so we don’t reminding.

That being said, the nods are nice touches for people that are fans of the show that maybe don’t know who these characters become or aren’t familiar with Batman lore/history, so fair enough.

Star Wars The Force Awakened trailer – what I’m hoping for

So if you’re a Star Wars fan or general sci-fi fan you’ll already now that the first proper look at Star Wars Ep 7 is dropping this weekend, showing in certain cinema theatres around America, though it’ll be online in a heartbeat of course, anyway as a big Star Wars fan myself, I’m hoping for a few things and hoping we’ll avoid some clichéd teasers from the trailer.

Here are a few things I’m hoping we’ll see:

. An actual character or a few at that

It’d be a shame to get a teaser with just short flashes of events from the film, or just a voiceover over dark space and an image of the Millenium Falcon or something with no characters or you know… anything to really talk about. I mentioned that specifically because that’s what the trailer’s been rumoured to be, but hopefully it isn’t. We all want to see what Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and some of the new cast look like in their roles, fingers crossed we see them.

. A new character/monster/spaceship

It’s a new Star Wars film, the new trailer will get people talking no matter what, but the fire of hype for the film can be stoked more with a brand new character or ship being debuted, how cool would showing a brand new jedi or sith be? I’m thinking they’ll go down this route, with a small snippet of a new big evil near the end or something.

. A tease but non blatant reveal of the plot

The film’s not out for another 13 months and there’s already tonne of speculation about the plot, the trailer is great fan service in terms of giving concrete information about plot but we live in an age where films plots, characters and twists are discussed and speculated over months before they release. It can be nice going blind into a film every now and then. And anyway it’s Star Wars, if Disney/Lucas films gives us not much, as they most likely will, people will happily speculate for months over whatever we do see in the trailer.

But yeah, what I and I assume, what you don’t want to see is a just a voiceover over blank space and nothing else, some characters, a bit of action from the film would be nice, not too much of course and Luke, Leia and or Han in the trailer would be awesome.

Jurassic world trailer reaction

Yes, it’s here finally… a solid look at the somewhat long awaited new instalment in the Jurassic Park franchise, I say somewhat because it’s a film lots of people have wanted but also a film lots of people weren’t actively pining for, said people will go and watch it for sure but they haven’t been eagerly waiting for it.

And you know what, reaction on youtube comments,, Digitalspy and other sites that have hosted the trailer seems a bit mixed, I was expecting a mostly positive reception but not everyone seems to love the premise – which I do by the way. I don’t think it’s re-hashing Jurassic Park 1 at all and the hybrid dinosaur idea is pretty cool to me. And in fact, if the film wants to somewhat follow the formula for Jurassic Park 1, the universally loved and acclaimed film in the JP franchise, that’s a bad thing?

I like the idea that Jurassic World will focus on a main antagonist dinosaur as well, rather than have characters go on an adventure of sorts, getting attacked all along the way *cough JP3 cough*. This way it feels more natural, crazy hybrid dino breaks out, wrecks the island, kills a lot of people, people have to evacuate…. as sci-fi as Jurassic Park is, if this scenario was played out in real life, you’d imagine one killer dinosaur would escape rather than all of them.

Which isn’t to say that I think Jurassic World will only focus on the hybrid she-beast, we all know we’ll see raptors – we already have in the trailers, the giant lumbering brachiosauruses etc, probably Pterodactyls at some point but I doubt we’ll see the franchises signature antagonist dino though, or if we do it may be in reference only. Though how cool would a hybrid she beast, T-Rex fight be?

Anyway from what we did see in the trailer, I’m impressed, the subtle Jurassic Park theme near the end felt quite emotional and sombre, hinting at the tone of the movie, the dinosaurs looked great from what we did see and Chris Pratt is looking awesome in it already. The premise has me hooked already and if they give the hybrid dino a 2014 Godzilla treatment, albeit actually giving it enough screen time but not showing it in every scene, that would be pretty great.

It’s a weird one because Jurassic Park is overt at its’ nature, the films are about showing dinosaurs in the modenr day in all their glory and splendour, but the teasers of the hybrid from Jurassic World hint that the hybrid may not be centre stage throughout, which is an interesting turn for the Jurassic Park Series. Yes Jurassic Park 3 did do the long tease for the superdino but it eventually was centre stage but we’ll see how Jurassic World goes. And so far it’s looking good.

So Video Game High School just ended…

Yes, it’s the end of an era, the best web-series that I’ve seen just finished, after 3 seasons and much critical online acclaim, VGHS has graduated, to use a lame education related pun but it was actually really good, a very entertaining and very well written show throughout, that got better as it went on, it’s an easy recommendation if you’re an avid PC or console gamer and also into web-series in general.

The show has fantastic humour, with biting sarcasm of popular video game tropes and clichés in genres like RPGs, FPS, racing and fighting games for example, while also highlighting how cliques of gamers in the school (fans of different game genres) don’t really get along or interact at all, quite like in real life actually.

The show came from the mind of visual effects creator Freddie Wong, the show started in 2012 and quickly grew a passionate online fanbase that lapped it up, it just grew from there, with better special effects, longer running times (from 15 minutes in season 1 to 40 by season 3) and even celebrity cameos, e.g. Nathan Kress, Joel Mchale, Tony Hawk, it was great to watch the show grow as a unique project and flourish online.

Its’ success just stands as a reminder of how any concept, if done well enough can be a hit on the internet and yeah it is just a really well made show, entertaining from start to finish, with great effects for a web series and great acting throughout, definitely check it out if you haven’t seen it and if you have, that ending right? Also a few more episodes for season 3 would have been nice…. but hey, the show was great, I expectantly await Freddie Wongs’ next creation.

Oh and this post is about a week out (VGHS aired its’ last episode last Monday) but it’s still somewhat fresh.