Star Wars The Force Awakened trailer – what I’m hoping for

So if you’re a Star Wars fan or general sci-fi fan you’ll already now that the first proper look at Star Wars Ep 7 is dropping this weekend, showing in certain cinema theatres around America, though it’ll be online in a heartbeat of course, anyway as a big Star Wars fan myself, I’m hoping for a few things and hoping we’ll avoid some clichéd teasers from the trailer.

Here are a few things I’m hoping we’ll see:

. An actual character or a few at that

It’d be a shame to get a teaser with just short flashes of events from the film, or just a voiceover over dark space and an image of the Millenium Falcon or something with no characters or you know… anything to really talk about. I mentioned that specifically because that’s what the trailer’s been rumoured to be, but hopefully it isn’t. We all want to see what Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and some of the new cast look like in their roles, fingers crossed we see them.

. A new character/monster/spaceship

It’s a new Star Wars film, the new trailer will get people talking no matter what, but the fire of hype for the film can be stoked more with a brand new character or ship being debuted, how cool would showing a brand new jedi or sith be? I’m thinking they’ll go down this route, with a small snippet of a new big evil near the end or something.

. A tease but non blatant reveal of the plot

The film’s not out for another 13 months and there’s already tonne of speculation about the plot, the trailer is great fan service in terms of giving concrete information about plot but we live in an age where films plots, characters and twists are discussed and speculated over months before they release. It can be nice going blind into a film every now and then. And anyway it’s Star Wars, if Disney/Lucas films gives us not much, as they most likely will, people will happily speculate for months over whatever we do see in the trailer.

But yeah, what I and I assume, what you don’t want to see is a just a voiceover over blank space and nothing else, some characters, a bit of action from the film would be nice, not too much of course and Luke, Leia and or Han in the trailer would be awesome.


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