Assassins Creed 2015 to be set in Victorian London?

This news is sprung from an internet leak (see what I did there), from last night from, regarding the setting of the new Assassins Creed game, only about a year out from now, it’s interesting for the leak to be so big and important to the next game for one, Ubisoft have come out and said that the leak is essentially based on truth and this will be the setting for the next game, though they’re disappointed news got out, naturally.

Anyway if the setting is kept, it’s a pretty cool one at that, London is a location that AC fans have had on their wishlists for a while, while feudal Japan is still on my wishlist, which may be against the grain as Assassins Creed seems to be progressing forward in time towards the present interestingly.

London is an iconic and globally recognised city so it’s no wonder it’s a logical next choice for Ubisoft and parkour running through Victorian London while seeing landmarks like Big Ben and Parliament will be pretty awesome, it’s definitely going to be interesting to see what type of story is weaved together for the game, probably involving Jack the ripper at some point and who knows, maybe some Victorian era fiction writers and authors as well.

Screenshots of the game so far show a quite atmospheric, vibrant looking London and use of Vitorian automobiles, cars and new technology for the new assassin to use, will all be welcome new things.


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