Arrow Vs The Flash part 1 review

The Flash Vs Arrow part 1 aired last night and it was… pretty awesome, it met expectations really, I was wondering what situation would arise to cause the two titular heroes to ever fight all out, but the way the story handled that was pretty good in the end. Also it was great seem team Arrow work with team Flash and interact with each other, seeing the straight edge Diggle react to Flashs’ powers, seeing Cisco argue with Diggle over who’d win out of their two respective heroes.

As well as seeing Felicity and Caitlyn have a bonding moment, these parts of the episode weren’t pivotal or that important at all, but it was something I and I suppose fans of both shows have wanted for a few weeks now, ever since Felicitys’ visit to Central city a few episodes back. In this first part of the crossover. Following a lead on a villain Oliver is looking for brings him to Central city, where he crosses paths with an enthusiastic, albeit somewhat amateur Barry, his somewhat amateur approach is really highlighted compared to the level headed and composed Oliver Queen which was interesting to see.

The main villain for team Flash and for most of the episode is a meta-human with the ability to control peoples’ actions and induce temporary rage and violence in them, of course potentially hugely dangerous to a whole city and despite Barrys’ enthusiasm to knock out villains in a flash, that didn’t quite work on this meta-human and Oliver ends up saving him during their first encounter with him.

Oliver sets out to try and train Barry and help him to focus and work using strategy when he goes out crime fighting, which doesn’t exactly work out and you get the feeling that the two don’t really work on the same wavelength when it comes to stopping the bad guys. That isn’t a huge problem for now but seeing them work together and use strategy (maybe in part 2) would be pretty awesome.

Though in this episode, they fight, as Barry becomes affected by the meta-humans rage inducing eye powers, bringing out latent frustration and anger in him, he first lashes out at Oliver after they were supposed to train again, then he speaks back to his boss at the police station (bad idea). Ultimately culminating in him lashing out at and attacking Eddie Thawne, almost killing him until Oliver stops him.

Barry then turns his attention to Oliver, starting what looks like a pretty one sided fight, The Flash being able to move at hundreds of miles an hour and not get hit and all, though Oliver does manage to get a hit or two on him, the fight scene was actually really awesome though, it was cool seeing two major DC heroes go at it like that, though I suspect we’ll see them work together on one villain soon enough. Anyway Oliver subdues Barry long enough to have the rage effect on him cancelled out by a light machine, thought up by Harrison Wells, bringing the Barry we know and love back to being, Oliver had now gotten the information he needed on his lead and he was as good as done in Central city.

Also Harrison Wells and Felicity/Oliver have a meeting or two, with Oliver commenting on something about Wells seeming off, he also didn’t really endear himself to Felicity, asking her outright for The Arrows’ secret identity, which Oliver reveals at the end anyway. By the end the two teams eventually part ways and Oliver gives a word of advice to Barry to stop romantically pursuing Iris outright as it won’t work out in his opinion, Barry seems to think it over but doesn’t really react.

Barry as The Flash goes to see Iris again, to explain what happened earlier, now normal and not rage induced but is shunned away by her, crushed by this he leaves, clearly upset, this should be an interesting thing to see from now on. How will Iris write about The Flash now, if at all? How will Eddie Thawne try to chase up and eventually catch The Flash? Will Barry stop visiting Iris altogether? When will see the Reverse Flash in full? (Just had to throw that in there), all interesting questions, which we will no doubt get answers to soon enough.

Finally the episode ends with a) team Arrow leaving to back to Starling city and b) two would be muggers approach a shaking, troubled looking man by an overpass. The man gets up, now shooting fire out of his hands and revealing he is the long awaited, thought to be dead Ronnie Raymond aka Firestorm and it’s about time he’s shown up too.

The Flash and Arrow are both about to wrap up for christmas hiatus so it’s going to be interesting to see what mid-season finales each of them get, I doubt they’ll be as shocking as say The Walking Dead though, that’s for sure and part 2 of the crossover event airs in a short while.


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