Arrow Vs The Flash part 2 review

Part 2 of the Arrow Vs Flash crossover starts off in Starling city with Oliver and Roy still chasing up shadowy antagonist (Captain Boomerang), though they cross paths with ARGUS, who clearly don’t want them on the case and warn them to back off. The arrow cave! We then see Cisco and Caitlyn make their appearance, ensuing in a funny exchange with Cisco wanting to see team Arrows workings, much to Olivers’ dismay when they make it into the basement and Cisco is fascinated by everything.

Meanwhile Diggle goes over to an ARGUS base to ask Lyla for a favour in chasing up Captain Boomerang, while the man himself conveniently makes his way in, killing off security guards as he goes along. And though the premise of a bad guy killing people with boomerangs is inherently ridiculous, he was pretty good at it – those things are sharp.

And The Flash, we see our favourite new red clad hero racing towards the Argus base, rushing past Thea, while Oliver and Roy make their appearance in the base as well, bullets and arrows and boomerangs oh my, team Arrow takes on Boomerang, who is no pushover mind you.

Cap throws two boomerangs at Oliver, potentially fatally but they’re caught by The Flash, clearly outnumbered,  Cap Boomerang makes his swift exit, while team Arrow and Lyla discuss the origins of Cap Boomerang and his possible motive for attacking ARGUS. Teams Arrow and Flash get a new lead on Cap Boomerang, regarding the maker of his boomerangs and we go to Starling city police department and finally more Detective Lance, he’s barely been in this season of Arrow, hasn’t he?

And… more conflict, upon finding the maker of the boomerangs, Barry and Oliver clash in methods of gathering information, clearly highlighting their very different ways of operating and crime fighting, Oliver the clearly more veteran and battle hardened hero, though Barry has also had his fair share of tragedy. We then see another flashback in Hong Kong of Olivers’ past, as he is needed to get information out of a man and decides to torture him to do it, he fails at his first torture attempt as the bomb goes off.

Back in the present, Team Arrow and Barry are tricked into going to another location, while Cap Boomerang figures out Team Arrows base of operation, on the hunt for Lylas’ head, he attacks Felicity, Caitlyn and Lyla, near fatally hitting Lyla with a boomerang in the chest. Lyla passes out but is taken to a hospital by Barry. Felicity manages to track down Capt Boomerang, Oliver and Barry go out to face him and finish things, but new peril, Boomerang has a contingency plan in 5 bombs placed throughout Starling city, Oliver has him snagged up against a pillar but he won’t reveal the bombs location.

Boomerang plans for them to go off, expecting Oliver and Barry to not be able to stop him and the bombs, though of course Barry/The Flash can do a lot to help out in the situation, the bombs are linked, meaning Barry running one out of the city will cause the others to go off. The quick thinking Barry carries off Caitlyn, Cisco, Roy and Felicity to each of the bombs and they defuse them simultaneously, defusing (Hah) Boomerangs plan and stopping him. We go to the hospital and Lyla’s OK, not dead, which is good, she has a moment with Diggle, which is nice to see and back in the Arrow cave, we then see Teams’ Arrow and Flash bonding and going over the days events.

Oliver has a gift for Barry, while Cisco has a new, advanced suit for Oliver and the two heroes go to settle one final score, who’s better, Oliver shoots arrows at Barry from a distance and the two have a face off, concluding what wasa very entertaining and awesome crossover event.

Interesting things from the crossover

. The Flash was arguably the star of part 2, proving crucial to saving the day, while Oliver was arguably the star of part 1, helping get Barry back to normal and saving Barry

. It was interesting seeing a past Oliver struggle to torture people, as it comes so naturally to him now

. Oliver and Barry don’t work in the same way but still work well with each other to a degree

. It was fun to see how out of place Oliver felt in a Central city populated by meta-humans and Barry in a gritty, grief stricken Starling city, the two heroes function well in their own environment but not necessarily in each others

. Teams’ Arrow and Flash are really entertaining together and hopefully we’ll see future crossovers, Ciscos’ Arrow cave, Batman themed jokes at the start were pretty funny, as was his dialogue throughout the episode really, especially with Roy and Diggle


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