Bond 24 ‘Spectre’ cast and title announcement

So Bond 24 or ‘Spectre’ was announced today at a livestream from London, including some interesting casting choices and confirmations of rumours that have already been floating around the internet for a few weeks now, Guardians Of The Galaxys’ Dave Bautista joins as Mr Hinx, as does Monica Belucci, Christoph Waltz as major villain, an excellent casting choice I have to say.

As well as Léa Seydoux and Andrew Scott, while returning are of course Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes not taking over from Judi Dench as M, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris and Rory Skinnear from Skyfall and all in all that is a pretty solid and impressive cast, I’m getting the feeling Spectre will be going for a more traditional bond feel, in the vein of the more classic bond films.

This would be a clear departure from Daniel Craigs’ more modern, less gadget-y, and more straight laced but entertaining portrayal, also Ralph Fiennes as the new ‘M’ will take a little getting used to, though he’s also a fantastic actor, I can’t imagine we’ll get a teaser anytime soon – as the film is just about to start filming funnily enough.

So of course a 2015 release date would be unrealistic but here’s to hoping 2016 could be a possibility (Daniel Craigs’ Bond films have been four years apart so far since Quantum of Solace, which was 2 years after Casino Royale) and an update, the film has a October/November 2015 release date set apparently, which is quite soon.

The plot synopsis is as follows – “”A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation,”

“While ‘M’ battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.”

SPECTRE, all in capitals… makes me think of a nefarious PRISM-esque global surveillance program, sort of like a program the NSA has been using to spy on conversations for years. The plot sounds like it will be keeping right in touch with current world affairs and controversies of the moment and it will be interesting to see Bond maybe going against MI6 or his superiors, in discovering said terrible truth, which I imagine may be related to MI6.

By the way, SPECTRE is also a sort of evil organisation that has been present in previous bond films which may perform with a legitimate cover in the world, hiding its’ suspicious actions, which Bond sets out to expose, sort of like a gun toting Julian Assange? Not the best comparison, but hey.

All in all that is a pretty enticing synopsis and it may be in line with Craigs’ bond being somewhat of a rogue agent now, not fully trusting the organisation he works for.


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