Terminator Genisys trailer reaction

– Terminator enisys teaser trailer

Well about time, this has been awesome two weeks for trailers, Jurassic WorldStar Wars Ep 7 and now Terminator Genisys, I suppose the true sequel and also prequel to Terminator 3 that fans have been waiting ages for, it’s both as it seems to start off in the future, detailing a terminator sent back to the past to kill Sarah Connor. While the rest of the film takes place in the (present), centred on a much younger Sarah Connor, played by (mother of dragons), Emillia Clarke, Kyle Reese is also sent to the past to protect her but interestingly enough, she seems to be protecting her.

We see a battle hardened and scarred John Connor in the trailer also (well he’s in every Terminator film so it’s to be expected). Visually the film looks fantastic, the future looks colourful, vibrant and really cool, as cool as a post-apocalyptic dystopia can get, that is, the Terminators also look all shiny/new and the time travel effect. With that ball lightning looking thing, it reminded me of Dr Manhattan from Watchmen, as if he was turning someone into pure energy or something, y’know because he felt like it.

Oh and this is teaser trailer apparently, showed a lot more than The Force Awakeneds’ teaser trailer.

Talking points:

. New bipedal mech there at the start, will Genisys have a host of robots new to the franchise to show off?

. Wait, two Arnies? A diverging timeline with Sarah Connor already working with a T-1000, it’s interesting to see where they go with this, they could retcon things, change the continuity of Terminator, conveniently forget Terminator 3 happened I suppose… Also how long has the original Arnie Terminator been with Sarah Connor for, the end shot of the trailer seems to show him having visibly aged

. Sarah Connor kicks ass at any age, even at… 20 or 21, which is hold old I’m guessing she’s supposed to be

. The new main terminator, sent back to deal with Sarah Connor looks interesting, will it be stronger or harder to defeat as this timeline is changed and different?


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