Star Wars The Force Awakened reactions extended

So, here’s my George Lucas extended edition reaction to the Force Awakened trailer, I didn’t cover everything and I also didn’t talk about other peoples’ reactions to certain things in the trailer. I thought I’d add a few more things, regarding John Boyega being a black stormtrooper (we don’t know if he definitely is a trooper anyway) and that lightsaber.

Okay where to start, some things missing from the trailer, no Han Solo, Luke or Leia of course, if rumours are right and Daisy Ridleys’ character is Han and Leias’ daughter, maybe we’ll see them in the next trailer, somewhere on Tattooine perhaps? As we see Daisys’ character is already there, operating on Tattooine and on the way to investigate something, possible a ship crashed in the desert, or a loud noise/explosion. This is speculation here but I’ve seen some comments online theorising that John Boyegas has crashed his ship somewhere in the Tattooine desert.

Interesting and logical train of thought there, hence him sweating and looking generally anxious as we hear what sounds like an imperial probe droid,(looking for him?) though I still doubt he’s an out and out stormtrooper, I’m in the he’s infiltrating them camp, so I think he’s a good guy.

Also there seems to have been a stupidly internet style reaction to John Boyega being a stormtrooper as he’s black and people think stormtroopers aren’t clones…. but they’re not. I don’t think they have ever been clones actually and the Galactic republic probably phased out using clones only for their army once it transitioned into the empire.

So chalk that up to stupid internet reactions, stormtroopers can be black, white, yellow, green, whatever colour they want, also on that lightsaber… I find the design pretty cool actually. It’s something different and new, seeing the new hilt or heat exhausts (though it does look like a lightsaber hilt) inspired an “Oh… ok that’s new” reaction, like when we saw Darth Mauls’ dual saber for the first time.

Even if people hate the new saber, just seeing it elicit such a reaction and get discussion going is pretty cool, as far as practicality, it’s hard to say until we see it in actual use but I imagine it could help if the lightsaber was twisted when clashing with another lightsaber, or if the hilt could be extended –  resulting in one dead foe. The lightsaber as a whole also looks quite ragged, the medieval look with the hilt is nice and the beam itself looks a bit unstable and fiery, maybe implying the user is an enhanced sith, able to wield it and furthermore, maybe he’s an ancient, legendary sith?

Even more talking points:

. Who’s flying the millenium falcon? Presumably Han but is he still in action?

. How many Sith are going to feature in The Force Awakened? Maybe not too many, or too many Jedi either, as movie title implies an awakening of the force, so new heroes and villains are springing up

. The Empires power, this film takes place 15, maybe 20 years after Return of the Jedi and after the Empire was defeated though not completely crushed. We see tie fighters in the trailer and new looking stormtroopers landing somewhere so they’re operational, but are they weakened? Is the empire still mainly at war with rebels? Note that we see what looks to be a small lander ship and not a massive troop transport.

. The Rebels, the X-wings we see in the trailer look a bit ragged, are the rebels still on the run from the empire? Are they still not prosperous? Hence them not having shiny new ships.


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