Agents Of Shield is fantastic and you should be watching it

Three cheers for the most improved show of 2014, seriously watch the latest episode compared to any of the first few of the first season and yeah… this show has improved, in leaps and bounds at that. I’m sure that Marvel and ABC had some master plan with the show and always intended to improve as they went along (which is logical I suppose), but the show has definitely been worth watching and is one of the most entertaining prime time shows airing right now.

Talking about entertainment, how good has the action been this season? Pretty much every episode has had some great thriller elements as well as great action set pieces, the May vs May fight for example, Simmons being undercover at Hydra and her final escape, that episode with the ice powered rogue was fantastic. The show also doesn’t have too many qualms for characters being in mortal danger now as well it seems.

Season 2 has upped the stakes quite clearly, marking out Ward as a Shield agent gone rogue, not quite working for Hydra either, he’s doing his own thing which is proving for some pretty entertaining action, especially with his dynamic with Skye and their… complicated relationship though Skye mostly hates his guts. It’s been great to see definitive character changes and how they now relate to each other too, Fitz coping with his brain damage while still being a part of the team and how the new members of Shield react to and interact with him, as well as his coping with not being with Simmons.

The new members of Shield in Agents Triplett, Bobbi/Mocking Bird, Lance and Mac have all been welcome additions, fitting well in the new set up and all working off each other quite well. The Bobbi/Lance love hate relationship has been some welcome comic relief, to an already fairly humurous show, well written show.

It’s great to see these characters progress and change, they’re not the same they were a season ago and we can see that, with the now director Coulson a great example, a now blunt and cold manager of the team, he has tried to distance himself from the team for the most part while dealing with his own trauma and weird alien writing addiction. Also his back and forth with General Talbot has been pretty entertaining as well, the two not being able to stand each other.

Seeing Shield go toe to toe with Hydra in quite a few episodes has been great to see as well, following up from the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the twist with Mocking bird aka Agent Bobbie Morse was great and Daniel Whitehall makes a quite compelling and threatening villain, as does Skyes’ clearly insane father, played brilliantly by Kyle MachLachlan.

And also, seeing more elements from Marvel comic books, including alien technology e.g. the Obelisk, extended life spans and a comic book character in Absorbing Man, who was ag reat inclusion as well. Agents Of Shield has had a fantastic season 2 so far, with great action, great character interaction and a plot propelled by more elements from the comic books which is usually a good thing. Seeing the characters change and interact with each other as slightly different people is great to watch and the constant threat of Hydra and rogue agent Ward provide good entertainment and something for the agents to always be on the look for.

If you want an entertaining, well written show with great drama and action, this is the show for you.


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