2015 films to look out for – Chappie

– Trailer for Chappie

2015 is set to be a pretty great year for sci-fi, providing films like Jurassic World, Jupiter Ascending and Chappie to name a few are all good and Chappie specifically, is a not so well known but interesting looking film from South African director Neil Blomkamp.

Who you may be familiar, he directed District 9 and Elysium and generally themes his movie on social (in)equality, discrimination and the imbalance of poverty and wealth, Chappie is a bit of a different take to his previous films, again sci-fi but focusing on an A.I this time around. The premise is pretty interesting and it has interesting casting as well with Die Antwood (an alternative South African pop duo) being main chararters in the cast, though with Dev Patel, Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman, the rest of the cast is definitely solid and we should be in for a treat.

It should be interesting to see what character Sigourney Weaver is playing in this as well, my first thought is that she’ll play an antagonist like Jodie Foster did in Elysium but maybe not, Hugh Jackman seems to be anti-Chappie in the trailer, so he may be the antagonist in this one.



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