Guardians Of The Galaxy review

Ok so this is obviously late, but I also watched the film really late, 4 or so weeks ago as I never got around to seeing it in cinemas unfortunately, but man should I have seen it when it came out because it was really, really good. Based on a maybe not so well known (apart from avid Marvel comic book readers) space series about a misfit group of very different characters, the film was always a gamble for Marvel.

And it wasn’t necessarily expected to do that well either, due to the comic series lack of familiarity with mainstream audiences, but that ended up not being that big of a problem, the film was brilliantly paced and well put together, held by solid, believable performances from each of the Guardians for one.Chris Pratt is a charismatic, likeable but driven goofball, the guy you want to succeed and cheer on throughout the film. Dauve Bautista is awesome as a straight talking, humourless Drax, Zoe Saldana seemed to project her own personality onto a blunt, guarded Gamora and of course Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon nailed his performance, as did Vin Diesel as the one note Groot, ironically stealing the show for some people as the best character.

Groot wasn’t my favourite character, Peter Quill/Starlord was, but c’mon, who didn’t love Groot? The film flowed really well and didn’t feel like it dragged on at all in any parts, this was one of Marvels better paced films in recent times, better than say.. Iron Man 3, which really wasn’t that good in general to be fair.

Guardians kept my interest with a compelling, albeit one dimensional villain in Ronan the accuser, an evil skrull who did feel genuinely unbeatable at points in the film, despite the Guardians efforts, it was cool seeing Thanos in the film as well, though having too much of a near unbeatable titan as a major character in the film have been a bit too much for the film.

One thing in the film that made it great to watch was the character interactions, how they bounced jokes off of and teased each other, Drax failing to grasp the concept of humour, Rocket being sarcastic and wanting to joke around in his own hyperactive style, while Gamora would tease but ultimately insult Peter Quill or Drax somehow. Simply just watching the Guardians interact could have been half the movie and it would have been great, in the way that The Avengers was so entertaining just because we saw some of our favourite marvel heroes together, interacting.

Gamora and Nebulas’ complicated relationship was great to watch as well, though more Nebula in the film wouldn’t have hurt, but all in all, the film worked well with what it had and crafted a believable group of characters together for a thoroughly entertaining and easily re-watchable film, now we wait for a Guardians-Avengers crossover, which may well happen with the Infinity war arc, here’s hoping.


. The casting for the Guardians is excellent, Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana especially imo

. Great character interaction and good humour throughout the film

. Genuinely interesting plot with great pacing

. More Nebula would have been nice and more to Ronans’ character would have been interesting


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