Continuum’s getting a 4th and final season

So this is pretty cool and out of the blue news, I already thought Continuum was done and dusted with its’ season 3 ending but apparently not, if you’ve never seen it, it’s a Canadian Sci-fi time travel drama and a quite well made one at that. Produced by and airing on Syfy, it’s a bit surprising it’s lasted as long as it has, not because it’s a bad show but the opposite actually, it’s a quality show on Syfy… but it has lasted and it’s been a a very consistent show.

Starring a few not so well known but actually pretty solid actors as well as Rachel Nichols (you may remember her from G.I. Joe or from more obscure role in Star Trek ’09) and the quite good Erik Knudsen as one of the central characters to the show, Alec Sadler. The show is a bit timey-wimey in typical Doctor Who lingo and the storyline does get a bit entangled by season 3, but it stays fairly easy to follow, the action in the show is great as well the technology featured, the CMS system (a system that combat/tech suits operate on the future) is pretty cool to see.

Explaining the whole show would take a while and would end up confusing me too, but the premise is around a group of ‘freedom fighters’, terrorists really, that are set to be executed in the future but hatch a plan to travel to the past to change the future and Kiera Cameron, a future police officer gets caught in the plan and travels to the past with them. And so the show begins, the show branches out a fair amount from that simple premise and it’s been surprising to see how the plot has progressed since then and it’s definitely kept my interest throughout to say the least.

The 4th and final season is set for a 2015 release and I’m looking forward to it, check out the show if you haven’t and you’re big on sci-fi/time travel fiction.


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