So Naruto ended a few weeks ago… and I’m not too fussed

Disclaimer – I’m a big anime fan and have been a huge Naruto fan for about 9 years, I watched anime here and there as a kid but Naruto got me into seeking out and watching series in full, essentially getting me into anime.

There was a lot of talk among the Manga/Anime world about Naruto ending, even among non-Naruto fans, by virtue of the series being so huge and so global, though a lot of fans have been turned off the series with the convoluted and arguably poorly written ninja war arc, which concluded the manga itself.

The series will be getting a sequel next year, another wait for it… yet another time skip, apparently involving Narutos and Hinatas’ kids, because they get together of course, as do a few of the other main characters/Narutos’ peers, to be hoenst I haven’t actually read the final chapters as I’ve been put off, but I already know the what happens due to general talk about the ending and I’m not impressed.

It’s a shame because the series had been so good up to a point, Shippuden was mostly good and it was awesome seeing some of the main characters slightly older, battling the Akatsuki and the whole search for the 8 jinchuurikis’ leading to Obito/Tobis’ master plan was genuinely great storytelling, unfortunately the ninja arc just featured a bit too much fan fiction in my opinion.

Almost all the major dead characters returned, the strongest villain in the series (Madara) showed up and was basically unbeatable, all the Hokages bar the third returned also, the fights were cool and all but everything just felt so predictable, as if Kishimoto (writer/creator of Naruto) was just throwing in every fan wish he’d come across in the last few years, trying to include as many epic moments as possible, before the inevitable finale.

Which is fair enough I suppose, but the latter stages of the ninja arc were just a bit too much and a Naruto fan reading just 60 chapters before the ending will be wondering what the hell is going on if they had a peek at the last chapters, but it is what it is. I’ll probably catch up on the ending properly and will probably be disappointed but hey, Naruto has been a great series overall and it’s a shame for it to be marred by a predictable, somewhat fan fic-y ending in How I Met Your Mother Style, so I’ll remember it fondly for its pre ninja war story.


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