Krypton – superman prequel to air on Syfy

It’s been an interesting few weeks for Superman fans out there, CBS has announced Supergirl which officially has the green light and should air next year, though they seem to be looking for an actress to play Kara aka Supergirl as of now. And Krypton has also been announced just recently, a prequel show set on the titular planet, several years before Clark Kent was even born, dealing with internal affairs on Krypton and the establishment of the planet and ruling we have come to be familiar with in various Superman TV shows and films.

Though going by Man Of Steels’ potrayal at least, Krypton wasn’t exactly a beacon of democracy and excellence by the time Clark Kent/Kal-El was born anyway. I have mixed feelings on this announcement, as I did with the announcement of Gotham to be fair – a show I didn’t think would be interesting enough and work without Batman and to be fair it does, in my opinion.

But, Krypton will be a lot different of course, giving this prequel an interesting plot to run on may be a bit difficult as Supermans’ enemies arguably aren’t as compelling or interesting as Batmans’, excluding Lex Luthor of course and that being said, none of his enemies will have even been born and probably won’t feature at all.

I’m just wondering what exactly the show will have to  offer really, pre Clark Kent Krypton isn’t exactly the most fascinating comic book setting, hence why most Superman origins start with the planet blowing up and take us to earth, to establish the character. That and the show being on Syfy doesn’t inspire much confidence either, although Syfy doesn’t always have bad shows, Continuum, Battlestar Galactica for example, airing on Sci-Fi before the channels’ re-branding.

It’s another wait and see type show but I’m not too keen on the idea so far, Smallville for example is a good example of a better placed prequel, following an adolescent Clark Kent and directly leading to Superman, I’m wondering what the pay off for Krypton will be.


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