The Flash mid season finale review – the man in the yellow suit

Holy crap, so we’ve finally seen the long awaited and long teased Reverse Flash, fans of the show have been speculating and theorising for weeks on end in regards to his identity but we know something now, he’s definitely not Eddie Thawne or Harrison Wells.

The Flash meeting the Reverse Flash was arguably the most anticipated part of the show, up there with the Flash – Arrow crossover, as Barry comes up against his arch-nemesis, an enemy he won’t beat in a nice single wrapped up episode and enemy he may never completely beat at that. Hence Reverse Flash being The Flashs’ arch-nemesis, he’s better than The Flash at this point at least, stronger than him and a lot more used to having and using his powers.

Near the start of the episode we see a distressed looking Ronnie Raymond appearing to Caitlyn in a car park aand Firestorm is back. While at a laboratory in Central City, an important Doctor talks to two security guards about what is secretly in development, (something to do with Tachyons) and suddenly the alarm goes off, someone has broken in and said person kills the two security guards with lightning speed, The Reverse Flash.

We see tensions slightly rising with Eddie and Barry, as Eddie suspects Barry has a thing for Iris, which we all know he does, Barry openly denys it of course and then… the Reverse Flash, the man in the yellow suit appears.

Taunting Barry openly as he asks him to catch him to reveal the reasons as to why he killed Barrys’ mother, what follows is a very cool Flash v Flash chase through Central City as Barry just can’t quite catch up to Reverse Flash. They finally throwdown in a football stadium and Reverse Flash predictably hands Barrys’ ass to him, it sucked seeing Barry getting beaten down but it was great seeing a new compelling villain that Barry can’t beat, yet at leastReverse Flash leaves Barry to ponder on what just happened.

Eddie Thawne has a word with Joe West and tells him he’s willing to go above him to put together a task force to take on The Flash, while Team Flash back in Star labs are still devising a plan to catch Reverse Flash using a force field, though Joe and Harrison have decided to not let Barry take part, thinking about his safety.

Barry pays a visit to Iris at her house and wait.. what is he doing? He tells her openly that he loves her, Iris repeats the sentiment in a friendly manner, but Barry tells her that he really loves her and how inappropriate it is to say it now and all while Iris can only listen, crying. Barry then leaves Iris after his bold statement, obviously frustrated.

Meanwhile Caitlyn and Cisco are tracking one fiery meta-human, Ronnie Raymond, Caitlyn approaches him, hoping to remind him of who he is but Ronnie clearly doesn’t seem to remember, or is just pushing her away deliberately, either way that’s a pretty interesting relationship to explore in the rest of the season. All of a sudden the Reverse Flash zooms into the scene, getting trapped in the force field, surrounded by some of Central Citys’ police, Joe and Eddie Thawne, Harrison tries to get information out of man, though he’s predictably tight lipped.

Cisco notes that the containment field powering the force field starts to fail and Reverse Flash grabs Harrison in an instant, bringing him in with him and roughing him up almost to the point of killing him, Joe demands the containment field is turned off by Cisco before Reverse Flash does Harrison. And is it’s turned off and Reverse Flash is loose, he swiftly takes out the police, not killing Eddie Thawne but attacking Joe, Barry gets a message from Caitlyn and races to Star labs, taking on Reverse Flash once again.

They square off, seemingly even at first but Barry gets beaten again, though he’s saved by Firestorm/Ronnie, another awesome appearance, he tells Caitlyn to not follow him and he flies away into the night, Reverse Flash flees the scene, though we’ll definitely see him again soon. We come to the end of the show with Team Flash, Eddie Thawne, Iris and Joe all meeting up for christmas festivities at the Wests’ house, though in a conversation away from the group, Cisco notes that the two Flashes’ fighting earlier produced yellow and red lightning, just like yellow and red lightning was seen when Barrys’ mother was killed.

There were two Flashes there the night Nora Allen was killed, this brings up a host of interesting implications, (Future Flash/Barry was fighting Reverse Flash in the past and accidentally they kill his mother?) and I’m sure fans will be theorising and talking about the end of this episode for weeks and months to come. Finally the episode ends back at Star labs, we see the bruised and battered Harrison Wells, walking to secret opening in his secret room and wait… he’s wearing a Flash ring? The opening reveals a black Flash suit which ‘powers up’, now coloured yellow.

Harrison attaches the tachyon device to the suit and it seems energised, Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash, or Reverse Flash anyway, or is he Reverse Flash at all? This could be just an ingenious left turn from the shows writers, making us think he’s the antagonist all season, while he could be Barry Allen from the future… or a different character significantly tied to Barry somehow – he has been helping him all season to be fair.

But all in all that was an awesome episode in all and a fantastic mid-season finale, my interest is piqued.


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