Transformers Age Of Extinction vying for best picture oscar

In somewhat surprising news of the week, Paramount have announced that they’re officially pushing for Transformers 4 to win a best picture Oscar, yes, Michael Bays’ Transformers, Michael Bays’ explode-y slow motion, actin films about giant sentient alien robots fighting each other.

The premise of the films does sound a bit ridiculous when you think about it but to be fair I did enjoy Age Of Extinction, more so than Revenge Of the Fallen. But I guess that’s not really saying much.

Paramount are also hoping the film will win best adapted screenplay, best original score and best director (Michael Bay ofc) it’ll be an interesting campaign to say the least and we’ll see how that goes for Paramount. And if it actually does get any of those nominations, best picture especially then we’re obviously living in bizarro world but it would be an interesting shake up to somewhat predictable and dull Oscars in recent years.





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