Space drama Ascension premieres on Syfy tonight

The glossy new space drama from Syfy premieres tonight, starting as an initial 3 part, six episode mini-series – reminiscent of a little old show Battlestar Galactica which premiered with a mini-series as well, Ascension also stars Tricia Helfer, an alumni from Battlestar.

The show itself looks fairly interesting, giving an alternative history slant on a space drama, the premise centred on a space ark on a century long mission, sent from earth to preserve human life by populating a new one and of course we’ll see conflicts of interest, drama and whatnot. As well as a possible long running mystery or conspiracy around the ‘true’ mission of Ascensions’, as a huge sci-fi fan and space drama lover, I’m interested so far and this is the type of show that I imagine could get a lot better as time goes on.

I’m interested to see what, if any twist there is to the show, android/robot uprising maybe? Half the population of the ship are clones… vampires, who knows. The interesting thing for the time being is not knowing and eventually uncovering that mystery, which may keep my (and yours, if you watch it) interest in the show.

Visually it looks great and it looks like Syfy has a fair amount of faith that the show will do well and presumably it will be getting a full series order, if the initial episodes are a ratings hit. Which I’m thinking they will be, anyway I’ll definitely be tuning in as the show looks interesting, hopefully it’s good.

Ascension will also be aired on Skyone in early January for UK viewers.


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