Brace yourselves.. winter hiatus is here

Dun dun dun, yes that dreaded time of year is upon us again, your favourite TV shows are going on a (I was going to put 3-4 weeks here but it’s much longer) several week long break, as they need to, of course, because actors are human and have their own needs too but yeah it sucks, so everyone let’s just binge on Netflix for the next month or two as we wait…

Though the good thing about this time of year, aside Christmas if you’re a big fan of it (can’t say I am), is that we still get a continual stream of entertainment, a few soap operas do keep running through the christmas break, films don’t stop coming out… ever, which is good of course. And you do tend to get the Oscar bait but generally better made films coming out from October/November until January (the dead zone for films). And of course some video games are always coming out as well so winter hiatuses – I prefer to say hiatii as plural, but anyway,  breaks are needed in entertainment of course, though we’d like to think otherwise.

But in the meantime, what will you be tuning into this winter holiday? Re-runs of the shows you’re watching? Anime? Will you just be watching whatever movies come out? Personally I’ll be watching copious amounts of anime, I might re-watch a season or two of Game Of Thrones and re-watch some of my favourite movies – LOTR, Inception and The Matrix to name a few. I did just see The Hobbit Battle of the five armies recently actually and I will be posting the review for it fairly soon.

Yes the winter hiatus for major TV shows is a drag but you know, internet and other things, we can all keep ourselves entertained, besides January isn’t too far away.


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