So The Interview fiasco is a bit ridiculous

What a week it’s been for Sony and for film news in general eh, with a ludicrous series of events in the lead up to The Interview getting released, America itself has been threatened by a hacker group with a possible serious threat and North Korea has praised the group.

While denying any responsibility for the hack itself, you can’t imagine that Sony or anyone involved in the making of the film would have that though any of this would have happened, I myself was going to ignore the film and didn’t care much about it until the controversy. Now that isn’t to say that I’m just going to jump on the ‘It’s controversial so I have to see it’ train, but my interest is raised a bit, honestly the reaction from North Korea is over the top but then again, it’s North Korea.

I think everyone just needs to relax, it’s a Seth Rogen movie… I can understand people disliking his style of comedy and all but really Sony hackers, why’d you lose it over this, of all movies? I’m wondering if the group itself is actually in North Korea… which I doubt and if they are, you have a near comical situation with America accusing them of the hack and North Korea denying it, this could go back and forth for quite a while y’know.

You have to wonder the motivations behind the hackers’ actions if they are based out of North Korea, are they really loyal to Kim Jong Un? Are they just nefarious hackers and trying to troll on a grossly over the top scale? If so, making threats to people is a bit too much. Honestly it’s all just a bit confusing at the moment and I have to say I’m interested to see how exactly this ongoing story develops.

And maybe ironically, this story around the movie itself has ended up being 10 times as interesting as The Interview looked to be fair, I’ve seen people online theorise that this is all a huge PR stunt from Sony to drum up huge publicity for the film but that’d be a bit stupid. As Sony put quite a bit of money into the film and into promoting it, hacking themselves, leaking private information and conversations and all just doesn’t make sense, so scratch that theory.

Seriously though, whether the film is never released or released digitally or in a few theatres in protest… said hackers need to calm down and stop what they’re doing before they do cause a potential international incident. And if people want to see the film in protest then fair enough, freedom of expression is important and people should be able view/watch what they want without fear of harm or danger. Personally I just don’t really want to see the film either way but if people want to see it, they should be able to.


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