My 3 most anticipated 2015 films

Alright it’s 2015, we made it people and on the first day of what should hopefully be a generally great year, I wanted to make a little list of a few films coming out that I’m pretty pumped for and kicking off the list is….

Star Wars Ep 7: The Force Awakens

Not really a big surprise because I am a huge Star Wars fan, the trailer was pretty cool and it’s built up my anticipation to high enough level, seeing potential new locations/planets, new characters, new vehicles, new lightsabers… it’s all awesome. Seeing Star Wars under JJ Abrams’ directing is a pretty exciting thought as well, yes there will be lens flare but we’ll be seeing a more ‘modern’, sleeker looking Star Wars for sure without too much clunky or cheesy dialogue, a staple of the prequels. Can’t wait to see it.

The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

I’m also a pretty big comic book fan, I don’t really read comic books or anything but I love the characters and stories in the comic book universes of both DC and Marvel (yes you can like both!) and The Avengers is obviously a huge draw for any Marvel fan. The film’s going to up the stake hugely with Ultron, a villain arguably stronger than Loki, maybe not as compelling but still a great villain. Also seeing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, coupled with more tension among The Avengers should make the film a great watch, it should easily trump The Avengers, which was a great film itself.

And it should slot right up there alongside Iron Man, Captain America 2 and Guardians as one of Marvels’ best films to date, if all things go well.

Jurassic World

Jurassic Park is such an awesome but forsaken franchise, it’s a series that should have had a lot more ‘stuff’ by now, more films, a TV show maybe? The concept is too cool for it to only have had 3 films, seriously but it’s awesome that it’s getting revived now. Chris Pratt helming the film and the premise being something different for a change, although a bit similar to Jurassic Park, is still pretty good in my opinion, a hybrid dinosaur could prove for some awesome fight scenes I guess.

I’m still thinking a T-rex/Hybrid Dino (or D-Rex as it’s been called online) fight may happen at some point, which would be great, but yeah the film has bags of potential, it probably will be the highest grossing Jurassic Park film to date and will introduce a new generation of movie viewers to the franchise as well. Which is pretty cool.

And there ya have it, the 2015 films I’m most looking forward to.


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