Godzilla review

Bear with me, I have a few 2014 film reviews that I didn’t post earlier that I wanted to get out there.


2014, the year of a Gotham TV show, an  actually good modern Godzilla movie, it’s been a decent year for entertainment, though Godzilla this year was a bit of a mixed bag. Though it was pretty well received and well acted enough, it was a pretty bizarre film about a monster that was barely in the film, okay he was in most of the important events in the film.

But he was barely in it, in the sense that ‘Zilla was shown from a closing door, or his foot was shown…. or we see a glimpse of him fighting another monster and that was it? Lame.

Though with all that being said, the film was well acted enough, though you don’t need that much acting when you just have to have people comment on the destruction going on around them and stare at monsters causing said destruction. The film focused on more of the mythology around Godzilla, almost humanising the legendary monster and having him be the protagonist this time around, rather than a mindless monster like in the 98′ film, which was interesting. The new filler monsters (I say filler because they were there to drive the plot) were… well they were there, not particularly memorable or anything but seeing Godzilla take them on was nice.

The human side to the film was interesting, focusing on Joe Brodys’ (Bryan Cranston) exploits and encounters with Godzilla and then on his son (Aaron Taylor Johnson), a soldier called to combat the new monster threat and y’know, save humanity and all that jazz. But once again like the filler monsters, I found myself not caring too much about said characters and wanting to see Godzilla destroy stuff, but maybe that was just me.

Then again I just wanted to see more Godzilla in general, outside of a shot panning away from him or wiping away just as we see him getting into a cool fight, ultimately the spectacle of Godzilla was the driving force of the film and the initial appeal and some scenes look fantastic. Like the military skydive at night into the city, with flashes of the colossal Godzilla as the soldiers flew down. As were some of the action scenes near the end with Godzilla and the filler monsters near the end, so in all the film was OK but you know, nothing special.

Of course balancing compelling human interest in monster movies is never easy but Godzilla ’14 gave it a good try, more Godzilla and more menacing antagonist monsters need to be a factor in the sequel though.


. Strong, though limited performance from Bryan Cranston

. Interesting portrayal of Godzilla, looked colossal and untouchable in some scenes

. Dull, uninteresting monsters – excluding Godzilla

. Dull, uninteresting human characters, with clichéd responses to said monsters


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