New Marvel trailers this January

New year and you know what that means… more comic book movie news and trailers of course, specifically an Ant-Man teaser trailer first of all which we’ll be getting next week during Marvels’ new show Agent Carter on January 6th, we’ll also be getting a new Avengers Age of Ultron trailer next week on January 12th.

Avengers’ being the most anticipated film of course, though we’ve seen a fair bit of important things already in the trailers, potentially seeing Vision would be pretty cool, if Marvel plans to show him in a trailer before the film’s out in a few months. The Ant-Man teasers so far have been pretty cool and some more trailers should drum up some more hype for the film, which is shaping up fairly well at the moment, even without Edgar Wright.

And in the interest of another Marvel property, where’s all the Fantastic Four promo? That film is coming out this year, probably and we have no posters, teaser trailers, trailers…. anything really and it’s due in the summer. It’s all a bit strange but if the film is actually coming out in a few months, we should definitely be getting some promo fairly soon for it.


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