The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review

So The Amazing Spiderman 2 was kind of awesome, I’ve seen it like 3 times… though it’s apparently been panned on the internet (not really, 53% on Rotten Tomatoes, a 7.0 overall on IMDB). Okay so it does have mixed reviews, but it’s leaps and bounds better than the first Amazing Spiderman, better paced, better acted and it has more emotional pull in my opinion.

The film takes place a year or two after the first film, starting with Peter graduating from high school with Gwen Stacy, who he’s now openly with, despite events at the end of the last film, this is an important plot point and it has big implications by the end.  Anyway we have another major, single villain in in this film in Electro for the most part, which changes to two with the frankly abrupt introduction of The Green Goblin.

First of all, Jamie Foxx is a great actor and he does a fantastic job as the tragically forgotten and undervalued electronic grid worker, turned supervillain, the transformation of his insecure and lonely persona into someone evil is genuinely believable and his portrayal of the role is one of the best I’ve seen in a few years of comic book movies. And although Electro was threatening and nigh on omnipresent – the dude is just electricity, he can be anywhere in a major city like New York. He was beaten a bit too easily and conveniently, an otherwise lame end for a great villain. Which brings me to Harry Osborn, played quite well Dane Dehaan but… maybe not needed in this film, his transformation into Green Goblin just felt rushed and forced, maybe because the studio knew Gwen had to be offed and they needed to follow the comics for it, so fair enough, but still, rushed.

Speaking of Gwen, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone everybody… *round of applause*, the real life couple play such a believable and likeable couple, that the tragic loss of Gwen at the end is so much more hard hitting and real, it’s going to be interesting to see whoever plays Mary Jane in Amazing Spiderman 3 try to have chemistry with Andrew as well as Emma did.

Also on Andrew Garfield, I’m a recent fan of his, he’s brilliant at playing a slightly awkward, fast talking but insecure Peter Parker isn’t he? He totally embodies the role in my opinion, pulling off the arrogance that Toby Maguire attempted in Spiderman 3, with all the humour and charisma of a Peter Parker as we’ve  come to know the character.

I can get mixed reviews for it but I don’t really get the hate, the pacing wasn’t bad at all, the acting was great and it wasn’t close to being cramped with villains the way everyone thought it would be, the Rhino is only in at the end and essentially only teased and Green Goblin only features in the last 15-20 minutes. I guess people found the villains underwhelming. which is a fair argument with Electro although Jamie Foxx was great in playing him, As was Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker… and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, the casting was fine, the villain pay off was a bit underwhelming, sure, but I thought it was an entertaining, well made film.


. Great chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

. Great casting choices, Jamie Foxx was awesome as Electro

. Underwhelming, weak villains


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