January 2015 – TV show returns and premieres

So, new year, new *insert anything here* but a new year means new TV and some of TVs’ biggest shows are coming back in the next few days and weeks.

While this may not a month known for exciting entertainment – it’s generally the deadzone for films in a year, as well as hosting some returning shows, January is also a month of a few brand new premieres of some potentially good shows and here are a few:

Gotham  – Returns January 5th

The divisive but rather good (imo) Gotham is back in just a few days, off the back of the Wayne manor home invasion and Jim Gordon being assigned to Arkham – should be interesting to see where that story arc goes, the rest of the season should be quite a good watch. Maybe Bruce will take up training with Alfred full time now? Albeit still a bit early for him as a character, also seeing more of Harvey Dent and Hugo Strange to come up soon in Arkham Asylum centric episodes should be pretty cool.

Marvels Agent Carter – Premieres on January 6th

Another eagerly anticipated Marvel project and another step into the TV realm for them, Agent Carter chronicles the adventures and life of Agent Peggy Carter as an old school SHIELD agent back in the 1940s’, jury’s out on this for me personally. I like the concept and I don’t doubt it will be a hit but the show doesn’t exactly excite me but in saying that I will probably be watching anyway, Hayley Atwell is a pretty good actress.

American Horror Story Freak Show – Returns January 7th

The topsy turvy, disturbing, funny and generally entertaining AHS returns in just a few days and while I haven’t enjoyed or touched on Freak Show too much, it’s been okay to watch, while the plot has been a lot more concise than previous seasons imo (Asylum and the latter half of Coven). Anyway we’ll be seeing what becomes of the Freak show and inevitably almost everyone will die, as is usually the case with AHS season conclusions, seeing Neil Patrick Harris in his cameo and Lily Rabe as well will be pretty cool though.

Parks And Recreation – Returns for final season, January 13th

Well the time has finally come to prepare to say goodbye to Parks and Rec, a beloved show to many, it’s great that it’s getting a decent final run of episodes and that is hast lasted this long as well, while staying a consistently funny show. As we all know there are other long running comedies out there that stopped being funny a while ago, it’ll be sad saying adios to the likes of Ron, April, Tom and the gang but hopefully they’ll get a fair and entertaining send off.

The Flash – Returns January 20th

One of the most watched and loved shows at the moment, The Flash is a monster hit for the CW and it’ll be coming back off the heels of a pretty great mid-season finale, with Barry meeting and coming to to toe with the Reverse Flash finally. That and all those reveals and Harrison Wells…. yeah, it was all pretty exciting but the rest of the season should be even better as we see Barry grow as an individual and more into The Flash we’ve come to know from the comics, cartoons or animated movies.

Arrow and The 100 – Both return January 21st

Here’s the CW block of January returns with Arrow first, coming back from that mid-season finale and a more Ra’as Al Ghul centric second half to the season it seems, we’ll also be seeing Laurel as Black Canary soon which should be awesome. Photos of her in costume are online and she looks good, you have to wonder how Oliver will come back from what happened and I’m intrigued to see how the writers deal with it.

While The 100 also returns, one of the most improved and entertaining shows of 2013, dealing with teen angst… a lot of angst and  indigenous, native people threatened by people with advanced technology seeking to settle the planet *cough Avatar*. But me simplifying the show like that doesn’t do it justice, The 100 is a very glossy show, a bit predictable in parts but a roller coaster ride and one of the CWs’ best shows right now, the cast is pretty beautiful as per usual for the CW but the acting is solid. Also we’ll be seeing what happens next after Clarke made that significant decision in the mid-season finale.

Black Sails – Season 2 premieres January 21st

I haven’t touched on it yet but Black Sails is awesome and you may not have seen or heard of it before, a gritty, really written and slow burner pirate drama that has one season already, airing on Starz network (that may be why you haven’t seen it). But it really is good, you’ll love it if you like your period dramas and don’t mind a fair amount of dialogue in your TV shows, an ensemble show with mostly unknown actors, the acting is genuinely pretty great and you really get the sense that each actor fits their role like a glove.

The Vampire Diaries – Season 6 returns January 22nd

Season 6 of the ever popular but arguably not as good now of TVD comes back in two weeks, following magic filled/centric plot this season, with Mystic Falls about to come terms with the fact that a super powerful witch is on the loose there. This season has been okay in my opinion, nothing great but definitely better than least seasons’ lackluster Travellers story arc, the new characters in Liv and her brother make for great watching.

Suits – Season 5 premieres January 28th

One of the most loved and well received legal dramas… of all time really, Suits is a compelling drama and long may it run, season 5 premieres in a few weeks off the back of a very tense and dramatic season 4 finale. The show is very well written and consistently compelling as a drama, the ongoing tension between Harvey, Louis and Mike hasn’t failed to disappoint. And it’s a wonder that Mikes’ secret has managed to stay so suspenseful up to now, I do love my fantasy and sci-fi but Suits as your more standard drama is easily one of the best shows on TV now.

Notable mentions (shows I don’t watch but acknowledge) to:

New premieres – Backstrom, Fresh Off The Boat

Returns – GleePretty Little Liars, Girls, Cougar Town, Justified, Episodes, Shameless, Person of Interest, New Girl


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