Ant Man teaser trailer reaction

Premiering yesterday, we now have a a solid look at the anticipated Ant Man out later this year, in the trailer we see a downtrodden looking Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) essentially being advised by the original Ant Man, Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to get his act together.

We get a feel of the relationship that will be featured between the two characters, with Hank Pym (the original Ant Man) passing on the mantle to Scott Lang and telling him that needs to be the Ant Man now, we also see the Ant Man suit and it looks pretty cool. The suits shrinking power is also featured and we see a miniature size Scott Lang and see him riding a flying ant, as he does. The shrinking effect actually looks decent, as does Ant Man using insects, a part of his powers and though it may sound a bit ridiculous, it looks kinda cool.

Reaction to the trailer so far looks pretty positive all around but the jury’s out on whether moviegoers will flock to see it, Marvel movie fans will of course but will a non comic book reader that just wants to see something good on a weekend in summer? We’ll have to wait and see but I think Ant Man may do fairly well, I highly doubt it will bomb and it should pave the way for Marvels’ lesser known characters and their solo films.

Also in the trailer, a few fight/action scenes, Michael Pena is also in the film and we get a short glimpse of him, as well as Evangeline Lily and a determined, angry looking Corey Stoll playing Darren Cross/Yellowjacket, an enemy of Ant Man. All in all it’s a pretty good teaser trailer, the serious/dramatic tone of it all is contrasted with Paul Rudds’ out of place question at the end, the tone of the film looks pretty serious but expect a decent amount of humour.

Paul Rudd is the main character after all and known more for his comedic roles, particularly in playing characters out their comfort zone. The film is looking pretty good though, it’s got a solid cast and it’ll be interesting to see Marvel tackle a lesser known character of theirs and expand their on screen universe simultaneously. And okay Ant Man is also film I may have conveniently forgotten about in my 2015 films’ to watch/look out for posts, but I will definitely be watching it.


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