Scarlett Johansson to star in Ghost In The Shell film

Well okay, who saw that coming? Though to be fair Scarlett Jo is a good option anytime for an ambitious action film, but the live action film she’ll be starring in will be by Dreamworks for one… which is interesting. While Steve Paul and Avi Arad – who was a writer for Sam Raimis’ Spiderman films will help produce the film.

The fact that a Ghost In The Shell film was coming wasn’t a huge surprise, based on the hugely popular Japanese manga, anime and several movies that pretty much every anime fan is aware of but seeing it made by Dreamworks will be interesting. You have to wonder if they’ll go for a lighter tone for the film, seeing as Ghost is generally pretty dark, gritty and gory but Scarlett Johansson has range and has done quite a few dark, gritty films.

The Ghost In The Shell series is also set in the future, think human enhancement implants, people uploading their minds to machines, robots etc, a pretty cool setting, so the film will probably get a fair amount of special effects and CGI.

I think Johansson’s a good fit for the role for one, more or less the best female action star in Hollywood right now and we saw in Lucy that she can pull off the no bullshit heroine role with ease, just give her a black wig for the role and she’s more or less good to go. That and the tone of the film needs to be ‘right’, but that depends on how the director/scriptwriters want the film to come across, so we’ll see where that goes. It should be cool to get more info from the film and see who else gets announced in the cast as time goes on.


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