Interstellar snubbed from major awards season?

You may already know the list of the Golden Globes nominees by now and the Baftas’ were just announced this morning, The Grand Budapest Hotel doing especially well but I noticed something missing from some big nominations, Interstellar. (The Baftas have awarded it with a best cinematography, best production and best visual effects nominations though.)

And from the Golden Globes and Oscars’ nominations as well… I mean at least best director in Nolan or best picture? It just seems a bit odd to me, not that there’s a conspiracy in the echelons of the British and American film industry to snub Nolans’ films which tend to be well received and do great at the box office anyway. But surely it would still be fitting to reward one of the best and forward thinking modern filmmakers a bit more?

I guess it boils down to two things in this case, one – 2014 was a strong year for drama and whoever nominates for these lists didn’t see Interstellar as being of the calibre of BirdmanBoyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Theory Of Everything. And two – Interstellar just about falls under what you’d class as a blockbuster, with a huge budget, all star cast and a science fiction plot, a genre that doesn’t really get a look in at major awards.

It’s no huge shock to recognise how science fiction and blockbusters tend to get shut out at the big awards, with The Dark Knight being a great example, a near universally praised film that quite a few people thought could and should have won Best picture in 2009 but you know, sci-fi blockbuster.

And let’s just ignore Gravitys’ success last year for a second here, though the story is more science fact and possible in reality than Interstellar which is more theoretical of course, Gravity is still just one science film among a majority of dramas that tend to get nominated and win major awards. Which I think is a bit of shame, I don’t think Nolan has been target and specifically snubbed or anything but I bet Interstellar would be nominated if it wasn’t sci-fi at all and was a slow moving, hard hitting drama set on a ranch about a father wanting to raise his daughter right, dealing with alcoholism and or his own inferiority complex and with that cast it would win something.

I’m being a bit cynical here and the film never really got awards buzz going for it but seriously, Interstellar has been thoroughly snubbed in my opinion and deserved a bit more critical recognition but oh well. Nolan I’m sure will carry on to make great films of epic scope that aren’t small dramas and said films will still be entertaining, emotional and good to watch.



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