“Making Star Wars Episode 7 was intense and terrifying” – JJ Abrams

An interesting Star Wars news for the week, I’m paraphrasing JJ Abrams here from an MTV interview he had, it’s easy to misread that quote to imply Episode 7 will be intense and terrifying but that’s not exactly what he was trying to say.

This isn’t really surprising news as JJ took on a huge responsibility in taking on Star Wars and its’ huge expectations from fans worldwide, with fans expecting a lot less lens flare for example. But jokes aside, I think JJ is doing a good job so far, the teaser was a big hit and didn’t reveal too much of the plot but piqued peoples’ interest in the film, the new stormtroopers look awesome and potential other iconic character re-designs may look just as good.

The (possibly new) locations we saw in the teaser look great as well, visually the film is looking top notch and that’s no surprise for a film from JJ. The new Sith lightsaber cross guard/hilt looks rad, love it or hate it it’s something new and people are interested enough in it to argue over it, this is Star Wars, after all and I love the geekyness of it all.

Also in recent Star Wars news, two actors from The Raid films, those acclaimed Indonesian intense and brutal martial arts action drama films (check them out if you love martial arts films), recently filmed some scenes for Episode 7. One of the actors is the main police character from the Raid films by the way, so yeah they will be in the film and with that news you can expect a few awesome fight scenes, imagining the two of them lightsaber dueling is a bit mindblowing.

I’m thinking of the Qui-Gonn, Obi-Wann/Maul due from The Phantom Menace with added intense martial arts and more acrobatics… yep, potentially the best lightsaber duel in Star Wars yet. But I’m jumping the gun, we don’t know what roles these actors are playing or anything else really… but yeah that would be cool to see, anyway Episode 7 is sounding better as time goes on and we’ll have to wait and see what more news about it is coming throughout the year.


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