A look at some January film releases

So January’s traditionally a dead time of year for films and this year is… not much different but there a few releases this time around to be fair and here are a few, a mix of good and bad going by their reviews so far. (Release dates are American dates by default)

The Woman In Black: Angel Of Darkness – released 1st/2nd of January (UK/US)

The already pretty badly received sequel to the mostly lukewarmly received  The Woman In Black from 2012 which starred Daniel Radcliffe, the sequel follows events from the film but 40 years later with the titular character returning to haunt some people and stuff. Yeah I’ll be giving this a miss myself but if you liked the first film and want to start off your 2015 film watching with some horror then go for it.

Taken 3 – Released 9th of January

Liam Neeson’s back and he’s already taken his salary from the movie and… I don’t know where that joke was going. Anyway Neeson’s back for a third and probably final outing in the popular Taken franchise, but with a difference and with no one from his family really being taken this time. The new premise puts an interesting spin on things and it looks pretty good, Neeson has failed to disappoint so far with his action career in my opinion and Taken 3 doesn’t look to buck the trend.

Blackhat –  Released 16th of January 2015

One of the more interesting films out in January and in the year probably, Blackhat is centred on a criminal computer hacker recruited by the US government to work for them to help prevent further terrorist cybercrime/hacking. The plot sounds a bit loopy but hey it looks pretty good and it’s pretty on the pulse with hacking making big news recently with Sony hack-gate, Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis star.

American Sniper – Released 16th of January 2015

One of the most hyped and anticipated films recently but just missing out on major awards because of its’ release date, the film is based on the life and exploits of US army sniper Chris Kyle, one of the most prolific snipers in US war history. Played by Bradley Cooper and directed by Clint Eastwood, we see Kyle at war in his role and then see him return home to his wife and kids, facing his demons and not quite shaking off his war experiences that easily so he can settle down. It looks to be a fantastic drama and already may be one of the best films of the year.

Project Almanac  – Released 30th of January 2015

It’s Chronicle… but with no superpowers and a time machine, so not really Chronicle but as far as the found footage genre and a group of teenagers making an earth shattering discovery, yeah they’re similar films. From the trailer the film looks to feature typical teenage found footage film clichés, teens messing around with what they’ve discovered for, something goes horribly wrong and they try to fix things etc.

And while the film may be a bit predictable and that plot type a bit tired, the film may be fun and I’m hoping for some sort of twist to differentiate the film from other found footage films from the past, which may make it worth watching in the end.

Mortdecai – Released 26th of January

Mortdecai is a film I had heard next to nothing about until I saw a trailer for it sometime in late December but it does look fairly entertaining, a Johnny English style spy comedy, only starring Johnny Depp. The man is just a film icon and one of the best character actors out there and this role in particular looks like it may be one of his most entertaining, following Depp as Mortdecai an art dealer on the hunt for an infamous art painting said to contain Nazi gold.

The film’s based on the Mortdecai trilogy, novels written by Kyril Bonfiglioli and the film looks to be quite on the nose and blunt with its’ silly humour and slapstick, both of which Depp has proven to suit quite well. It also has a pretty good cast, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan Mcgregor, Jeff Goldblum, Paul Bettany.


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