New Walking Dead season 5 return trailer

So a cool new Walking Dead trailer dropped today and it looks awesome and dramatic as you like, we see Rick leading the gang, fighting an unseen enemy in a foggy forest, with added slow-mo and combat faces of course.

Rick can be heard in a voice over talking about the group surviving together and can be seen sporting a gnarly wilderness beard too, the group stands together near the end of the trailer, seemingly looking at something, then moving forward together.

Also not really in the trailer but a plot point to come up is Morgan, the slightly crazy black guy who’s been surviving on his own but is now tracking Rick and the gang for unknown reasons and you can guess he’ll catch up to them at some point. And probably soon, there has been some promo for season 5 teasing Morgan tracking them and the potential conflict that may arise when he meets other members of the group, which is interesting, will Rick deem him too unstable? Will the others want to take him into the group? Will he be outright hostile?

The trailer seems to emphasise togetherness and the group staying with each other especially after the sad demise of Beth, the rest of the season should be interesting in examining that and in exploring a new location from The Walking Dead comics called Alexandria. You can read up more about it online if you want but beware of spoilers to come.

The show still has some exciting places to go to and wild characters to introduce which should spice things up a bit, even for a mostly entertaining and solid season 5 so far. The Walking Dead returns on February 8th.


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