2015 show renewals from the CW

The CW… we have sexy actors (that should seriously be their slogan)


News about the CWs’ TV renewals is out today and if you’re an avid CW watcher (as I sort of am) you’d be happy, as a lot of their flagship shows have all been renewed, as well as new and well received shows The Flash, Jane The Virgin.

Also renewed are Arrow (season 4), Reign (season 2), Supernatural (season 11) The 100 (season 3), The Vampire Diaries (season 7) and The Originals (season 3), there’s nothing hugely surprising in the news, though I am a bit surprised at how long Supernatural has run for.

If you’ve been watching, you’d think The Vampire Diaries is coming close to its’ natural end as well as I can imagine another season or two being it, the show shouldn’t run so long that its’ quality becomes compromised, something fans have already said with seasons’ 5 and 6 to be fair. But yeah I think the show could have a good, well worked ending without having to run on for too much longer, that and the actors may want to move on.

New seasons for Arrow and The Flash is great news, may both shows run for long enough for there to be Batman character cameos… and also the shows themselves are great to watch, so there’s that. Meanwhile Hart Of Dixie and Beauty And The Beast have not been renewed or cancelled just yet.




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