The Flash promo, a look at the rogues

Extended promo from the CW for rest of the season from The Flash.

It’s just a few days away now and The Flash is again looking great, following on from an eventful mid-season finale, we see some of Flashes’ biggest and baddest villains in Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, Heatwave, though we’re yet to see a mutated Gorilla Grodd. Though we do know he is out there somewhere in the shows’ world, as we saw with his cages’ broken and mangled cage bars.

Weather Wizard has also been cast in the show and will be making an appearance at some point, I’m wondering if the rogues will team up at some point to take The Flash on but it may be a bit soon to do that just in the first season, if Flash can’t beat Reverse Flash or Captain Cold on his own just yet.

Anyway the rest of the season is looking great.


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