Arrow and the Flash are getting an animated spinoff

In some recent, interesting CW related news, a new superhero show on the CW is coming this autumn… it won’t be live action but it will be related to Arrow and The Flash, based on Mari Mccabe, another vigilante fighting for justice in both Starling and Central City.

This comes off recent news of the CW wanting another superhero show, a spin off from Arrow/The FlashVixen may be that show but there is talk about making a Captain Atom spin off, with Brandon Routh as lead. And while Captain Atom isn’t one of DCs’ most exciting characters, it would be great to see Routh lead his own show, donning a superhero outfit once again but this begs the question, what about other prominent DC characters?

It makes sense to use a character used in shows that the CW already has but Green Lantern, Wonderwoman, Cyborg for example are all potential characters and potentially hit shows, for what is an already fairly packed year for comic book characters on TV. But all in all the CW seems to be leading the way for superheros on TV and it’s still doing a pretty good job at it.


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