Fantastic Four trailer to debut in February

So we’ll finally be getting a look at the controversial and rather odd Fantastic Four reboot next month, with next to no promotion so far, a basic premise and concept art to go off, but hey the trailer could be amazing… though I doubt it.

The producer of the film, Simon Kinberg confirmed that the trailer will debut attached to Kingsman: Secret Service when the film gets its US release on February 13th, I’m already expecting a backlash against the trailer but you never know. Looking back on the cast, it’s not that bad at all, Miles Teller has been putting great performances out recently, Kate Mara is consistently good in her roles, as is Michael B Jordan and Jamie Bell, it’s a bit miscast if anything.

But I’m interested to see how the actors pull off their individual roles and make them their own, also seeing a cyber hacker Dr Doom will be uh… different.


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