Some Oscar nomination thoughts – Interstellar not completely snubbed

You may have seen one of my previous posts/rants about Interstellar being snubbed from awards season and it mostly has but it did get some nice nominations in the Oscars’ which were announced the other day. Specifically nominations for: Best visual effects, best production design, best sound editing, best sound mixing

And you could further argue that the film’s been snubbed from the bigger categories, best actor, director, best motion picture etc but it’s nice to see the film getting some form of recognition regardless. And one last thing, no best cinematography nom for Interstellar, really?

Also, interestingly The Lego Movie has been inexcplicably left off the best animated feature noms, a travesty if there ever was one, but that aside there aren’t any huge surprises from the nominations in my opinion. Selma being mostly snubbed from the noms seems to have raised a few eyebrows all over and American Sniper making it on the list just having come out is also a bit odd, though it’s probably the most Oscar bait film out of the favourites for this years awards. But that being said, the film does look pretty good.

Best actor and best actress are pretty strong categories again this year, I think Keaton will get best actor and Felicity Jones may win best actress, Rosamund Pike winning would be great but I think she has an outside chance. Best picture will probably be hotly contested, but it’ll go to either Birdman, Boyhood or The Grand Budapest Hotel in my opinion, imagine American Sniper relatively coming out of nowhere and winning it though, talk about controversial.

But yeah I don’t think we’ll get too many surprises at this years’ Oscars, but it should be a good show nonetheless, especially as the ever entertaining Neil Patrick Harris is hosting it.



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