New Girl season 4 has been a great return to form


New Girl! With added Coach.

Ah New Girl, the often generally funny but up and down sitcom with some of the best TV comedy actors I’ve seen in a while in Max Schneider, Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson. With the shows on season 4, there has been a great return to some of the quirky, wacky comedy that initially drew me and millions of others in with the first season.

Season 3 was admittedly quite poor, the humour felt forced and characters just felt like charicatures, I felt myself struggling to even chuckle, let alone, though I did find some of the scenarios funny but it’s great that a show like New Girl can get back to doing what it did best and so quickly at that. Fans of the show fortunately didn’t have to sit through a bad 2 or 3 seasons before a return to quality and actually a return for any show is pretty rare especially sitcoms, as any long time TV viewer knows, once a show has started to decline, there’s usually no stopping it.

*Cough HIMYM, what New Girl has done which has helped it has been to stop trying to force humour out of situations, the natural interaction with Schmidt, Nick, Winston and Jess was what made it so initially funny and also the addition of Coach has gone down pretty well. I thought adding Coach to the mix and having Cece appear every now and then would be too much for the show but it’s all gelled together pretty well. Schmidts’ dynamic with Cece is oddly interesting as ever as is Schmidt, as cultured and feminine as Jess but wanting to seem as masculine as Coach, he’s been the star of this season in my opinion.

And yes Schmidt usually steals the show but Nick is often very entertaining as you wonder how any can be like him, then you think about people you know in real life that are kinda like that and laugh to yourself, also moving characters forward this season with Winston and his police training has added a new dynamic.

Not just leaving the character out while the others have important character arcs, the same goes for Coach with him aspiring to be sports coach. And Jess awkwardly fumbling through working in an important job role at school and relating to other work colleagues, though Schmidt properly moving on from Cece and seeing how she reacts to that would be interesting to watch (and I’m guessing that may happen this season, though he’ll never get over her fully). Meanwhile Winstons’ training to be a cop story arc has been interesting, it’s given him something to do and provided few good episodes for the season as well, character progression is important in any sitcom and season 4 of New Girl has come to address that.

Also it’s weird how Nike and Jess not being together has improved the show pretty much instantly, their dating wasn’t necessarily bad but bad for the show maybe? Meanwhile Jess and her British boyfriend have made for some pretty entertaining episodes so far, he may seem a bit one dimensional but he works well with Jess.

Oh and seriously Nick still doesn’t have a job? I don’t think we’ve seen him go to work or have a work related storyline this whole season, which is pretty hilarious in itself.


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