A look at The Librarians

Yes The Librarians, a quirky, entertaining little show that premiered on TNT just a month ago, you may have heard it described like this but it really is Warehouse 13 meets Leverage, but that’s not a bad thing as those are two great shows in my opinion. When you first watch the show you can tell straight away what type of show you’re in for, it’s family friendly, a tad predictable but still a good watch, the good thing about this type of show is that you know what to expect.

And with that, you’ll also know if you won’t like it and don’t have to waste your time watching it, but anyway the show is about a supernatural Library housing ancient artifacts and items from throughout history, following the librarian who goes on adventures to find said items and keep them from evil hands. All the while helping to protect the library, he (Flyn, played by Noah Wyle) works with 4 other people that he personally recruited for their key skill and talent, e.g. (Ezekiel) being a thief, knowing your way around security/having a good hand, (Jake) being knowledgeable about history and able to fight, (Cassandra) or having a talent with visualising numbers and maths.

The character interactions help to make the show in my opinion, with exchanges between the Librarians being genuinely funny at times, especially with Ezekiel and Jake.

The casting for the show is great and you get the feel that the actors really suit their roles, Noah Wyle is enthusiastic albeit absent so far, (he’s only been in like 2 episodes?) eccentric and totally believable as the main character and he brings life to the role, a sort of Dr Who-esque character but with his own unique, manic touch. Also great is Rebecca Romjin as the more straight character, more sensible and focused, she makes for a good contrast with the kooky Flyn and the joker Ezekiel. The show deals heavily with the supernatural, with magic, fairy tales, dragons, you name it and that is important to say as it’s one of the main aspects of the premise, so if that doesn’t interest you, the show may not.

But if it does, then you’ll probably love it, especially if you liked Warehouse 13 (which I did) and like a touch of fictionalised history here and there in your TV with a lighthearted slant to the drama, all the while being entertaining throughout. The Librarians is definitely a show with promise and I can see it getting renewed from here on, I’ve pretty much taken it in as a show I’ll be watching for as long as it’s on air.

The first season just ended actually, went by rather quickly.


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