So Ascension wasn’t great

I made a post on that new sci-fi drama Ascension a few weeks back and yes I did watch it despite a lack of a review, I suppose I was a bit reluctant to talk about because of my dissapointment, Battlestar Galactica it is not.

The show has some interesting ideas and the whole twist of it was a bit… underwhelming to say the least, making it an actual space drama would have been better, but all in all the show 3 episodes just felt way too bloated, maybe not too surprising as they’re all an 1 hr 20 minutes long. But even with that run time for a mini-series, if a show is interesting and engaging enough, it’s okay, Ascension just felt like a political drama with sex and a sci-fi element thrown into it, some of the characters are interesting but none are really compelling apart from Krista maybe. Though even she’s a bit one dimensional and the abilities… well, that makes sense of course.

I think the twist was revealed way too early as well and that killed off any possible tension arising from not knowing the twist or what the Ascension really was, the reveal or almost reveal should have been left right to the end of the mini-series in my opinion. The acting… the acting wasn’t bad, it’s perfectly fine actually but again the show just didn’t pique my interest and it lost my interest with all the inter related character drama, who’s sleeping with who and this guy likes this girl and vice versa. I’ve seen the show described as Mad Men on a spaceship which is funny, the show not being anywhere near as good as Mad Men but being heavy on sex and drama.

And because the episodes were so long, the interpersonal just felt like it dragged on and on with the few dramatic moments in the episodes being tense but ultimately not that exciting, the bad pacing an runtime may just have been the deal breaker for the show for me so far. But if it does get a full season order (which I think it will), a more normal 40-43 runtime would definitely suit the show more, shaving off a good 40 minutes as well and allowing for some tighter drama, action and actually interesting storylines.

Well that’s the hope anyway, I’m not quite sure where Ascension can go from where it is but we’ll have to wait and see.


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