Some new faces cast for X-Men Apocalypse

Finally there’s some solid casting news on the 2016 X-Men film with a tonne of speculation about who will be playing who, as the film will be using a younger cast to portray the X-Men and not all of the same veteran actors we’re used to.

Specifically Sophie Turner (awesome and slightly expected), Alexadra Shipp and Tye Sheridan have been cast as young Jean Grey, Storm and Cyclops, the casting is pretty solid for the most part but we’ll have to see how they do. Sophie Turner specifically can really get stuck into a role and she has the look for Jean down already, so that’s good. While this may seem like passing the baton on with no Ian Mckellen, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, James Marsden or Famke Janssen in the next film, hopefully the youngsters do their roles good.

I’m already getting an X-Men First Class vibe from Apocalypse and that is definitely not a bad thing, the films may end up being vastly different but in terms of the young cast of X-Men, a young Magneto and Professor Xavier and great premise, they’re fairly similar.


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