And the female Ghostbusters are….

Confirmed, the film has been cast and will star Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Katie Mckinnon and Leslie Jones, the film has been a subject of some controversy online and some long running skepticism but it could work out just fine and it already has some very funny actors in Wiig and McCarthy.

I have no problem with an all female cast and why should there be a problem? It’s something different and new for an action comedy franchise and definitely something to welcome, hopefully it will show studios that films can be more diverse and still succeed (providing the film does well anyway).

Some people seem to hate the idea of a new Ghostbusters without the original busters or a re-boot of the film in any shape or form but a sequel to the original series just looks increasingly unlikely,  because Harold Ramis passed away and the original lineup either isn’t interested/un-willing. Plus this will be a new iteration for a new generation of moviegoers that maybe has never seen Ghostbusters. It’s an interesting project and why say no to a new Ghostbusters idea? It’s nice to see the franchise move ahead anyway, the film just needs great direction and a good story to boot and it’s good to go.

I get that it’s annoying to see classic movies re-booted or changed in one way or another but it is a new idea, it doesn’t ruin or tarnish the original films and people can tend to overreact to any news of a a new adaptation. Ghostbusters will always be Ghosbusters and nothing changes that, while this is just a new adaptation of the franchise.

A release date of July 22nd 2016 is possible.


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