Better Call Saul for February 9th Europe premiere

The highly anticipated Breaking Bad prequel will be upon us in just a few days now and will be premiering in Europe on Monday the 9th of February on Netflix, with the 2nd episode the next day and then episodes weekly, every Tuesday.

Better Call Saul is also premiering in the US on February the 8th on AMC, I’ll be watching for sure even though I’m not the biggest Breaking Bad fan, the show was really well made and is one of the better dramas in recent years. Also with the possibility of Jesse Pinkman or Walter making appearances, it’s something that might add to the show.

Also the fact that the show was made by and is being spearheaded my Netflix just cements the the fact that online media platforms are ever growing and that big TV properties can feel right at home online now, even with original series and or brand new seasons e.g. Arrested Development. It’s great for the frequent internet user and average TV viewer with more choice in the original series from services like Netflix and the chance for TV revivals, prequels or spinoffs of their favourite shows.


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