Taken 3 Review

Liam Neeson is back and he’s taken his time to make Taken 3 which was…. decent overall, but it’s Taken with a twist this time as no one is actually taken in this Taken which is ironic but it actually made for some decent viewing.

Yes Bryan Mills is back in the movie, now amicably separated from his wife Lenore and enjoying his life being a man with a very specific set of skills, we learn early on in the film that his daughter, Kim, now in college is actually pregnant (though that’s not really significant to the plot). Anyway Lenore is murdered and Bryan Mills is framed for the crime, he’s suspect number one as he is led to her house to find her body, making it look like he killed her, now on the run from the authorities, Bryan lays low and tries to find out who’s framing him and why.

This twist/change was nice for the film and it gave it a fresh angle, though Lenores’ death seemed a bit insignificant? Though it drives the films’ plot, but maybe Bryan is just so badass that he doesn’t seem to be that devastated and I guess that makes sense, anyway Taken 3 does what Taken and Taken 2 do and does it well.

Better? Not necessarily, the film has great set pieces and some pretty intense fight scenes as well, but the film isn’t the highlight of the Taken franchise in any sense and I guess that’s what lets it down, a fairly barebones plot with a predictable antagonist and not feeling Bryan Mills is ever really in that much danger does remove suspense. Though in saying that, there is a scene where Bryan does seem almost done for but then you know, he’s not. And also someone does get taken actually, Kim gets taken by Stuart, the previously sound minded but now insane dude that orchestrated Lenores’ death to get at Bryan… (that’s Gone Girl levels of crazy).

Stuart highlights one thing from Taken 3, bad characterization, characters are just cliché action films cutouts, you know exactly what type of character Forest Whitaker’s playing and the generic eastern european criminals and so on. Kim Mills is arguably the most compelling character, showing some emotional depth and all, while her dad just kicks ass throughout but hey you’ve watched the Taken films for the action and to be entertained, which the the film does on a pretty basic level, the action’s great, the set pieces are good and Neeson once again is great as Bryan.

It’s nothing groundbreaking and probably not the best Taken film but it’s good on a basic level, although it could have been a bit longer and could have added more depth to Bryan or to other important characters, though Kim was good.


. Decent action set pieces

. Nice spin on Taken film premises so far

. Predictable, cliché plot


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