Jurassic World hybrid dino info

Looks like a giant velociraptor


So Jurassic World has put out some information on that hybrid dinosaur, named ‘Indominus Rex’, the focal point of the film, it’s described as 40 feet tall, resembling a T-Rex but still distinct from it, it has horns for one and possibly feathers (a guess from me). It can also reach speeds of up to 30mph and as we know from the trailer it’s also pretty intelligent, possibly because of its’ DNA make up.

And we already know what it’s partly made from DNA wise, but it’s also made from Carnotaurus, Gigantosaurus, Majungasaurus and Rugops, interesting combination there, this may just be one of the coolest looking dinos to feature in the Jurassic franchise to date. And one of the most menacing easily, now that we know some more info about it, I’m even more curious to see what it actually looks like and I definitely thinking an I-Rex, T-Rex showdown will be happening as well.

40 foot long horned, intelligent dinosaur, what could possibly go wrong? The hybrid dinosaur idea, doesn’t sound so bad now right? Well maybe it still does to some people, but I like it.


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