Furious 7 Superbowl TV spot

Fast and Furious is back for another wild, even more physics defying outing in just over 2 months from now and a new, crazy trailer’s out for it, Owen Shaws’ brother, Deckard is out for revenge and blood, hunting down Dominic Torettos’ crew. I think its’ safe to say that he had something to do with blowing up the Toretto house, as we see in the trailer.

This may be one of the most biggest departures from the traditional Fast and Furious plot, more so than the last two, with Furious 7 practically being an action film, yes the rock has a machine gun in one scene. That and some of the crews cars get airdropped and yes Vin Diesel drives a car through a skyscraper… and into another skycraper. Did I mention I really want to see this film? Because I do, it looks to be one of the wildest outings from the franchise and as we say an emotional goodbye to Paul Walker and Bryan O’Connor it looks like it will be a whole lot of fun.

Jason Statham will be a nice injection of enthusiasm and action into the film, not that it’s been lacking it recently anyway, but it should be nice seeing him play off the equally badass Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. Furious 7 is out on the 3rd of April.


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