Jurassic World Superbowl TV spot

A new trailer for Jurassic World aired during the Superbowls ads and it looks awesome, we see Chris Pratt in an enclosure looking like he’s training the velociraptors, a popular theory that has been around since the first trailer. So yeah he’s probably working with them in that motorbike scene, using them to hunt or track something, maybe (I-Rex?)

Also Indominus Rex, Indominus Rex everywhere, we see a few glimpses of the beast and yeah, it looks pretty terrifying, it will be taking centre stage in the film more so than I thought, as it looks like Chris Pratts’ character may have a few run ins with it. We also see some flying Dinos (maybe Pterodactyls) swooping in and picking up people as they do in the Jurassic Park films, that explains the shots looking down on the crowd from the first trailer.

All in all cool it’s a cool new trailer, Indominus looks pretty menacing and the film is looking good.


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