John Diggle in Arrow to become Green Lantern?

In some holy crap news of the week, apparently there are some serious discussions going on about making Diggle from Arrow into The Green Lantern (John Stewart specifically), which would be awesome as David Ramsay is a great actor for one and two, seeing another big DC superhero on the CW would be nice. While the idea is pretty cool, I guess it is just an idea at this point but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all.

But the possibility for this does throw up quite a few questions, would Diggle stay on the show and in team Arrow? Would he get his own spinoff show? How would they go about portraying his origins in Arrow, the more grounded, less superpowered oriented show on the CW when compared to The Flash.

But even with all the questions and possible doubts, the CW seems to be making its’ own justice league on the small screen here, with Green Arrow, The Flash, The Atom, possibly Green Lantern, all we need is Batman (possible but highly unlikely) and Superman… (same thing as Batman). And actually Justice League or not, what the CW is doing with its’ shows at the moment is brilliant and it’s great to see them introduce and handle a wealth of DC characters quite well and Green Lantern potentially being one of them is something I definitely look forward to.

And now to some wishful thinking, if Arrow can somehow work a superpowered Green Lantern into the show, Nightwing anyone? Surely he can make an appearance, unless this is implying that it’s easier to introduce superpowered characters to the show than major Batman characters, which is a bit ironic. Hell we already have Deadshot, Ra’s Al Ghul and Deathstroke so why not.


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