Spiderman coming back to Marvel

Just swingin into the MCU


*Round of applause* We did it people… well we didn’t really do anything apart from willing it to happen but wow it’s just happened, Spiderman is back for Marvel in a deal struck between Sony Pictures and Marvel, Sony keeps the rights to the character but will loan him out to Marvel. Which of course means he’s open to appearing in the MCU, which is great news for Marvel fans everywhere with one of its’ most prominent and popular characters now free to appear in some of its’ movies.

Another thing interesting to note is that the deal could provide a way for MCU characters to star in future Spiderman films as well, something potentially very cool.

Also Andrew Garfield has been confirmed to not be reprising his rather good portrayal as Spidey/Peter Parker which is a shame but all the same this news is pretty huge, something many people thought wouldn’t happen for a while but it has finally. In immediate effect of this, Spiderman can star in Captain America 3: Civil War, playing a role he was pretty key in, in the comics and further on, maybe Marvel try and feature him in another movie of theirs? And now will Sony move on with their current Spiderman established universe with a different actor playing Peter Parker? Rather than giving us all a new origin story that we don’t really need.

So many questions and so many further questions, who will play Spidey in said Marvel cameo, will that same actor play Spidey in Captain America 3 and the next Spiderman film (slated for a July 2017 release)? Does this news affect Sonys’ plans for the Sinister Six and Venom movies? What finally pushed Sony and Marvel to agree to a deal?

While it’s good news, it’s odd to think that Marvel has to get a deal to use one of its’ own characters in its’ films, but legal issues, film rights and other complications, what can you do.


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