We need to talk about Johnny Depp

Ah Johnny Depp, one of the most accomplished, beloved and mostly respected actors out there with a long, colourful acting career, but now more so than ever, he remains a bit of a conundrum, he’s a fantastic actor but can’t seem to catch a break.

Catch a break in the sense that he seems to either be type cast or simply chooses bad films to star in, though said films are often quite a lot of fun The Lone Ranger, Dark Shadows and now the recently panned Mortdecai. If I had to sum up Depps’ last 5 years or so in one word, that word would be “Well…”, I just find it bizarre for such a great actor to have been in such widely panned and commercially unsuccessful films.

I am deliberately not pointing to Depp (because I think he’s awesome) for his recent movie flops but I don’t think it’s fair to singularly point to him as the reason. I get that for one Depp isn’t to everyones’ tastes and while he’s a fantastic character actor, some people just don’t find him entertaining which is fair enough but part of the blame has to go to the filmmakers themselves. Depp could as enthusiastic and expressive as he wanted to be but with a poor script, wooden characters and so on, the film simply wouldn’t do well, as was with the case with The Lone Ranger in my opinion, Depp was great in the role but the film, not so much.

Of course for any great film, you need a nice marriage of the two, the cast fitting into their roles well (which Depp pretty much always does) and the film being up to par in being well structured. I think it’s just a shame that the blame seems to be being put on Depp more specifically recently, sure he chooses the roles he does and all but he can’t carry the weight of a whole film, he is a star name that can bring audiences that may be part of the problem. Maybe it’s the level of expectation from audiences on one side, people being drawn to see a fun looking movie because of Depp may be left a bit cold if the rest of the film isn’t up to scratch, that and perhaps audiences have a bit of dare I say, Depp fatigue.

But getting tired of Johnny Depp? Surely not! Alright it’s possible but still, this recent lull in Depps’ career is hopefully temporary and with a few great film choices, I’m sure he can get back to the ‘top’ as it were, he doesn’t have to ditch his quirky characters or anything drastic. But he could mix up his roles a bit more and importantly just choose better films because it is Depp after all, he’s such a talented and devoted actor that I personally want to see him always be successful, that may not always work out for him but I think he deserves it.


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