Ranking American Horror Storys’ season so far

American Horror Story season 4, Freak show just ended a few days ago and the show has been one of the most widely watched and well received dramas in recent years, I’ve been watching since season one, avidly I suppose, though I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan. Anyway I wanted to rank the seasons thus far

1) Murder House

One of the more memorable seasons, Murder House was a great introduction to the style and tone of the show, it still has some of the most disturbing and creepy scenes/themes in the show to date. The characters were great and the breaking apart of the family dynamic in the season was compelling to watch, the feeling that everything was inevitable at the end was a bit predictable but it was still good watch. Plus that cast, all seasons have great casts but Murder House had a great cast list.

2) Coven

One of the wackier seasons so far but probably the most entertaining, I loved the story for Coven, using real people from history as characters and the premise of young witches joining and competing in a coven was a great idea. Also featured some of the best character feuds and playing off each of other in Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates, as well as Bassett – Lange as leaders of opposing covens. The writing was great, Coven has some of the funniest dialogues and best character interaction in the series, okay the ending was ridiculous but one of the most entertaining and more well done conclusions to a season from the show in my opinion.

3) Asylum 

Asylum was such a great idea for Horror Story on a basic level, an insane asylum, it sort of writes the stories itself in terms of a horror show but Asylum suffered from a lack of direction, a shoddy and inconclusive ending and random elements thrown in here and there (aliens?) for no apparent reason. You can either praise or berate this side of American Horror Story in general, for being unashamedly wacky and creative, or for being random and intermittent with its’ ideas but for Asylum it didn’t really work. That being said, Asylum did have the great Lily Rabe and her stint in the season as the devil incarnate was fantastic and proved for some great episoes, Zachary Quinto was also great as a sinister, sadistic killer.

4) Freak Show

Freak show, the most recent season just lacked that sense of terror and the initial tension with what we thought was the main villain in Twisty quickly faded the way, the premise is interesting the season felt a bit directionless and characters actions felt inconsequential. But it wasn’t all bad Jessica Lange again stole the show and was great throughout the season and Dandy was a joy to watch (as annoying as he was) for just being so over the top, pretty spirited performance from Finn Wittrock as Dandy.

And there you have it, my ranking of AHS so far, season 5 will hopefully be a return to the shows’ better season and it’ll be interesting to see how the show fares without the central figure of Jessica Lange.


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